April 2015 — Bike Review — MV Agusta Rivale — A Big Supermoto


MV Agusta Rivale…Hooligans Need Apply


It’s a compact bike, like it’s made to 7/8 scale.

By Paul Berglund

I swung a leg over the exotic looking three-cylinder Rivale and turned it on. Hmmm, it wasn’t happy. The LED dash told me to shut off the engine and service the taillight. Since I was at Heinen’s in Osseo, I asked an adult for help. They sell and service MV Agusta brand and made quick work of it. The tech hooked up a computer looking black box to the bike and went back to his computer. The black box diagnosed the problem and told him via Blue Tooth what the problem was. The Rivale has two tail light pods and one of them had lost the will to illuminate its brake light. I could leave the sexy beast and have them fix it, or I could ride it. I chose to ride it.

April 2015 — Special Section — Sport Bikes


Economy, Offerings Shape the Sport Market

It used to be, the overwhelming number of sport bike riders were youthful jockeys able to contort themselves onto their high-powered hyper-responsive plastic-draped two-wheelers in search of speed and adrenaline.

Not any more.

U.S. sales of sport motorcycles had been on a general decline since 2008, as the niche’s main pool of buyers (young to middle-aged men) continued to struggle with the unemployment, underemployment and hard-to-receive credit that came with the Great Recession.

April 2015 — Geezer With A Grudge — Another Brick In The Wall

By Thomas Day

Australia’s South Wales legalized “motorcycle filtering” in 2014. A friend, Paul Young, sent me a link to an article about the event. Paul’s note, along with the link, said, “Never happen here in MN, we don’t have enough folks riding in traffic to justify it.”

Not only is that true, but Minnesota doesn’t really have the motorcycle traffic to justify the existence of motorcycles on public roads. Worse, we don’t have much two-wheel traffic anywhere in the U.S.

April 2015 — From The Hip

164_Hipby Bruce Mike

I read something the other day that I found disconcerting. There was a motorcycle incident that involved law enforcement and the driver of the bike was referred to as a “H-D rider”. Yes, he was driving a Harley-Davidson but if he wasn’t he would have been referred to as a motorcyclist or motorcycle rider. It seems that the only time a bike brand is used to describe a motorcyclist is when they are driving a Harley-Davidson.

April 2015 — Tales From The Road — Slouching Towards Moab


By Paul Berglund

In 2014 my friend Two-Tots and I lead an off road motorcycle expedition to Utah. We had a fantastic time and vowed to go back every year; and for 2015 we lived up to our word and exceeded our expectations. We rode around Moab Utah this year and I think we could go back every year and still find exciting places to ride. We found challenging trails and mind-bending beautiful landscapes to ride through. I highly recommend that you pack up your dual-sport bike and go there and ride. Here are some tips for you to help you do so:

April 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — Leech Lake Loop

164_MotorMNDISTANCE: 180 miles

Time: 3 hours, 48 minutes


In Menahga, MN, leave the Cottage House Café on Cedar Ave. and turn right (east) onto 1st NE/CR21/Twin Lakes Rd. Travel 5.4 miles to CR6. Turn left (north) and follow 2.5 miles to MN-87E. Turn right (east) and travel 6 miles to CR13. Turn left (north) and travel 10 miles to MN-34E. Turn right (east) and ride 16.4 miles to MN-371 in Walker. Turn left (north) and travel 20.6 miles to US-2E in Cass Lake. Turn right (east) and ride 18.6 miles to CR8 in Bena. Turn right (south) and follow this through Federal Dam (7.4 miles) straight onto MN-84S (21.8 miles) to Longville (26.4 miles). Continue along MN-84S for 14 miles. Turn left (west) to continue on MN-84S for 10.8 miles to Pine River. Turn right (north) on MN-371N and travel 7 miles to MN-87W. Turn left (west) and travel 14.1 miles. Turn left (west) to continue on MN-87W. Travel 14.6 miles to CR6. Turn left (south) and continue on Twin Lakes Rd. to Menahga.

April 2015 — Gear Review — Mood Bike Paint And Accessories

164_GearReviewBy Bruce Mike

Have you ever wanted to truly personalize your bike? Now you can in a way you may have never imagined. Mood Bike Paint And Accessories can make your bike an exact reflection of how you’re feeling at any given time. With their special Mood Paint you can have your bike react to the way you’re feeling every time you get on it. You can have the standard paint reactions, angry – black, happy – blue, sad – gray, and we all know what green means.

April 2015 — Random Scootering — Yamaha’s ‘High-Performance’ TMAX Returns

Photo Courtesy of Yamaha

Photo Courtesy of Yamaha

By Guido Ebert

It’s powered by a liquid-cooled fuel-injected 530cc parallel twin, sprung by a 41mm inverted fork & lay-down rear shock, stops via dual radial-mount four-pot calipers, and sends power to a 160 series rear tire.

If you hadn’t already viewed the headline and accompanying photos, you likely would have thought that was a description of a motorcycle. While the 2015 Yamaha TMAX ($10,490) isn’t among the largest of scooter models available (see Suzuki Burgman 650, KYMCO MyRoad 700i & BMW C 650 GT) it’d be safe to say that it’s probably among the best-handling “step-throughs” out there.

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