August 2015 — Bike Review — The All-New Harley-Davidson Street 750


By Bruce Mike

I picked the Street 750 up on a Saturday morning from our friends at St. Croix Harley-Davidson. On this particular day, St. Croix was hosting a ride so the parking lot was packed with bikes. They rolled the 750 out for me and my first thought was, this bike is tiny. The bike was parked amongst a bunch of baggers and big twins which had something to do with it. It also has a 17” front wheel and a 15” rear so it is pretty small.

August 2015 — Geezer with a Grudge — Two Approaches to Aging

By Thomas Day

Coincidentally, I had two very different conversations about motorcycling in the same week with over-60 riders who had pretty strong opinions about their future in motorcycling. This may seem like a pretty pointless subject, especially if you are under 40, but motorcyclist demographics are rapidly aging and our mode of transportation and recreation is coming to some sort of turning point in the United States and a few other first world nations.

August 2015 — Feature — My First Motorcycle Trip… And I Rode


By Christy Quiner

I’ve been attending the Hiawatha BMW Rally since I was three months old. And I’ve been driving a dirt bike since I was eight years old. My Dad, having taught MSF dirt bike safety classes, is the best teacher ever for my little sister Hannah and me, and the three of us like to trailer the dirt bikes and ride around the campgrounds of the different motorcycle rallies we attend.

August 2015 — Tales From The Road — Part II: Pain and Scorn

By Paul Berglund

The next day I awoke at sunrise. I was in Nebraska. How many thousands of people realized this and still had the will to get out of bed? Soon I would be on my motorcycle crossing this feeble treed obstacle. The people who dwell here would toil all day, listening to their horrible radio stations and return to their Nebraskan beds. I felt lucky, ignoring the creaks my body made as I got out of bed. My room faced east and I could see clear blue sky and the freeway stretching out all the way to the big orange ball of the sun. I dressed, ate a granola bar and walked out to my new-to-me KTM Super Duke R.  

August 2015 — From the Hip


by: Bruce Mike

For a number of years early August was synonymous with Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for me. I’ve attended five times, three consecutively. I have some great Buffalo Chip stories and It was always fun, but after riding all the roads there are to ride, I just haven’t found the desire to go back again. I enjoy motorcycle related events and I attend a lot of them. Sturgis just isn’t on my list anymore.

August 2015 — Random Scootering — “I Didn’t See You”… the Vespa GTS 300 ABS

168_RS1By David Harrington

There aren’t all that many brands that have managed to make their product name representative of an entire product line in the minds of the North American consumer (think Kleenex for facial tissue), but Piaggio’s Vespa is certainly one. Even the scooter-haters of the powered two-wheeled conveyance world (you know who you are) at least acknowledge the presence of “Vespa” and for many ordinary people “Vespa” is synonymous with “Scooter”.

August 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — Detroit, Otter Tail & Pelican Lakes Loop


By Guido Ebert


Detroit Lakes, located approx. 205 miles northwest of the Twin Cities and 40 minutes east of Fargo, boasts more than 400 lakes within a 25 miles radius. This is a 100-mile excursion. Discover the “412 lakes” region as you roll past lakeside stops from rustic to modern, between fields of beans and corn, and through hardwood forest.

August 2015 — Special Section — Cruiser Bikes


Cruisers For The Masses

By Guido Ebert

While Harley-Davidson – the largest supplier of motorcycles in the United States – is once again experiencing

Photo Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

Photo Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

growth in sales, and the overall stateside motorcycle market continues to realize single digit expansion, sales of traditional Cruiser motorcycles – those standard chrome-clad, bag-less V-twins – appear to be slipping in popularity.

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