September 2016 — Bike Review — 2016 Honda Africa Twin

0mph on crushed gravel and the Africa Twin didn’t flinch or shimmy.

By Steve Tiedman

What a generous offer! Adam Cerny, co-owner with Eric Riley of Empire Cycle in Loretto, MN, (an independent repair shop) offered his own brand-spankin’-new 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin to us for a thorough breaking-in, err, review. He handed it over to Sev with only 40-something miles on the clock. By the time I returned it to Adam a few days later, well, um, it was broken in. (It was still in showroom condition, except the odometer.) What a great guy, though; he took it all in stride. I asked what inspired him to offer his new bike for our review and he said he thought a lot of people would be very interested in this new Honda model. I think he’s right, and I know I am.

September 2016 — Feature — High Plains Drifter…Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Slide The Bike — Part II

St Croix Open B – The line of riders ahead of Victor equals 5th place

By Victor Wanchena

In part one I took my first steps into flat track racing. I tried a couple races, got hooked, and bought a vintage bike. I was settling in for a summer of flat tracking.

Following the last race I needed to do some normal bike maintenance on my new to me flat tracker Yamaha TT500 (mild foreshadowing). When I removed the bottom oil screen for cleaning I found a large chunk of metal. Crap. It was obviously a guide or stop for something. The break was clean and there wasn’t anything else in there other than 40-year old sludge. I scurried off to the parts book and identified the part as a guide for the kickstart lever. The kicker worked fine so I chalked it up to luck that I found it and it hadn’t wrecked anything (more mild foreshadowing).

September 2016 — Tales From The Road — The Dawn Of Thunder Punkin

By Paul Berglund

I drove for hours. When I got there, I was north of Alexandria. What I beheld when the seller opened his garage door was resplendent, a 2008 178_tales1Triumph (Orange!) Speed Triple. In my head, monks and vikings and angels started singing softly. None of them wore hats, out of respect. We went for a short ride, the seller on his Harley and me on his glorious orange triple. There were some, issues. It shifted like a hot butter knife through a bag of marbles. The turning radius was the same as my pickup truck. The horn was much too quiet and the pipe was much too loud. One of the vikings had to shout to the monk standing right next to him “Odin! It’s so orange!” The monk shouted back that his name was Lester. No matter, the brief ride told me this bike would do.

September 2016 — Geezer With A Grudge — Creating A Baseline

By Thomas DayGeezer

In my Geezerdom, I’m always trying to find baselines for measuring my decline. My daughter is fully on-board with my concerns and she’s recommended putting black throw rugs around the house because, apparently, old farts will mistake black carpets for bottomless pits and that is a tactic used to keep dementia patients in their rooms. Sooner or later, I’ll end up trapped in the bathroom and that will be the winter my wife escorts me to the front door during a sub-zero blizzard and sends me on some sort of grocery store errand.

September 2016 — From The Hip

By Bruce Mike

Last month’s Hip column was incorrectly credited to Victor Wanchena. It was written by me and then poorly proof-read by me. I apologize for 178_hipany confusion.

With lane splitting recently becoming legal in California, I think it’s time to look at it in Minnesota. Here is part of the press release regarding the new bill:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Quirk (D-Hayward) and Assemblymember Tom Lackey (R- Palmdale) have successfully granted the California Highway Patrol (CHP) authority to develop educational guidelines on lane splitting.

Lane splitting, which occurs when a motorcycle drives between rows of stopped or moving traffic, is a gray area in California law. This is because statute is silent – California does not explicitly allow it, but also doesn’t explicitly prohibit this behavior.

September 2016 – Road Rash


September 2016 — Gear Review — Corazzo Jacket And Motoport Pants

By Steve Tiedman

178_gear1Last summer I bought a new Moto Guzzi V7II Stone from Mill City Motorcycles/Scooterville in Minneapolis. This was at the same time that the shop brought in their first inventory of Corazzo motorcycle jackets. Along with current model stock were some discontinued styles (which have been tweaked and brought in as new models). “Hey,” me thinks, “That Corazzo men’s model 5.0 jacket would look great with my new Guzzi!” Olive green, red and reflective silver striping, Italian styling… yeah! It looks a lot better and more stylish than my 10-year old, faded/filthy yellow 3/4 length adventure touring coat.

September 2016 — Movie Review — I Ride

Directed by Daron Ker178_moviereview
Water Buffalo Pictures (2013)

By Tammy Wanchena

I Ride is an eighty-minute tribute to the Fryed Brothers Band, a country band that rocks the motorcycle circuit.  With songs like “The Sturgis Tango”, “The Cunnilingus Yodel”, “Roar of Dirty Thunder” and “I Ride”, the Fryed Brothers Band play events sponsored by Easy Riders and a number of other biker events that bring out some of the toughest gangs in the United States.  Their fans include Willie Nelson and Sonny Barger.

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