June 2015 — Bike Review — The Ural cT — A True Modern Classic


By Bruce Mike

I’ve been riding motorcycles on the street for 35 years and for whatever reason, I had never ridden a sidecar rig. Needless to say, when I got the chance to review the 2015 Ural cT, I was all in. I was fortunate that the other reviewer has a ton of sidecar experience and he was able to give me a lot of helpful tips and suggestions. After a brief run around the block with Victor, so I could get a feel for it, I was on my own.

I found out immediately that you have to drive these rigs. They have a tendency to pull in one direction or another depending on whether

June 2015 — Special Section — Off-Road Bikes


Motocross, Enduro & Dual Models for 2015

By Guido Ebert

The Off-Road motorcycle market in the U.S. is once again realizing growth after five years of downturn and stagnation.

Here, the term “Off-Road” will include three types of motorcycle – Motocross, Enduro and Dual.

Of the three types, Dual model sales were least impacted by the sales downturn experienced in the wake of The Great Recession while Motocross and Enduro model sales experienced the brunt of the economic fall-out.

Lets take a look at the numbers, provided by Minneapolis-based

June 2015 — From The Hip


by Bruce Mike

Every year, the first weekend of May, there is a 3 day event in Dubuque Iowa called Vintage Torque Fest. This was the third year in a row that I have attended and I’m pretty certain I’ll be back next year. It is my kind of event. A few hundred street rods that are DRIVEN to the event as well as a bunch of motorcycles, pit bikes and mini bikes.

The first year of we went we brought my Honda Trail 70 and a friend brought his mid sixties Honda CT. We had a ton of fun riding them around the Dubuque County Fairgrounds and racing in an impromptu parking lot race. Last year we

June 2015 — Geezer With A Grudge — Foot Out, Rider Down

By Thomas Day

A friend sent me a note this week, complaining about the god-awful scooter and bike skills he witnessed near the U of M.

“A few days ago I watched a young guy on a scooter (wearing a helmet, with shorts and flip-flops) stick his left foot out as he arced through the intersection,” my friend wrote. “This evening I watched a young hipster (flannel shirt, rolled up jeans with lace up boots) on a Sportster leave an intersection making a left turn with his boot out like he was at the Springfield Mile. Just a few blocks later, I watched an overweight middle age guy on some bloated metric cruiser wobbling away from a stop sign with his feet down as he tried to

June 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — Ely And The Echo Trail

ElyDirectionsBy Guido Ebert



Scenic attractions include views of the rolling Northwoods forest, lakes, wetlands, rivers, stands of wild berries and wildflowers, and granite outcroppings.


Road quality varies along the route, changing from smooth to broken two-lane blacktop to gravel road with soft shoulders. Watch for slow-moving vacationers, fast-moving logging trucks and an abundance of wildlife.


The nearest motorcycle service shops include LaBarge’s Used Motorcycle Parts in Hibbing, Dave’s Sales & Service in Hibbing and Five Seasons Sports Center in Eveleth.

June 2015 — Tales From The Road — Cowboys And Pirates


By Paul Berglund

Have you ever pulled up to a restaurant and seen a trike parked out front? I don’t mean the kind of trike that started life as a motorcycle and then, to its chagrin, was turned into a trike. I’m talking about the kind that was made from scratch to be a trike. Especially the ones that use a car engine for power. Do yourself a favor and go into the restaurant and play the “who owns the trike game.” Quietly look around and guess who rode the trike there. I like this game because you can win every time.

What I don’t understand is why? Did the trike or the life-style look come first? Granted, it’s

June 2015 — Feature — Rider From The Record Books — Donny Schmit


Inducted into the American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame in 2002, Donny Schmit was a wiry and determined motocross rider who emerged from the unlikely environs of Minnesota to become one of the most successful American racers ever to compete in World Championship Motocross. Schmit was a two-time World Motocross Champion, winning the 125cc title in 1990 before moving up to win the 250cc series in 1992. When he retired, his 15 career

June 2015 — Gear Review — HJC FG-X Talon Off-Road Helmet

By Victor Wanchena


The FG-X is HJC’s line of mid tier off-road helmets. There are several models (Legendary Lucha, Driven, Hammer, Talon, Grand Duke, and Solid), which simply denote the color patterns, but 166_HJC_Helmetfunctionally they’re all the same helmet. Intended as an off-road helmet, I have used one now for a year in a variety of circumstances and find quite flexible. It is constructed using what HJC describes as “Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell”. Translation: a strong lightweight shell. I prefer fiberglass shells as the material of choice in helmets with the highest safety ratings.

The lining uses SilverCool™ Interior. It’s removable and does a good job of

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