May 2016 — Bike Review — Endeavor Trike Conversion — Take The Right Turn


By Bruce Mike

My thinking when I was on my way to New Prague to pick up the Endeavor test bike was, it’s got to be a lot like a Can-Am Spyder. I was so wrong. I’ve ridden the Spyder and it was fun but the Endeavor conversion I rode was a whole different level of fun.

The bike I rode was a converted Victory. My current road bike is a BMW R1200R but I’ve had my fair share of cruisers and sometimes I like floor boards and a kicked-back riding position. Adding the two wheels to the front of this Victory seemed to just add more comfort. The bike handled great and cruisng down the interstate at 75 mph made me think it would be a great bike for a long distance rally.

May 2016 — Tales From The Road — Cathedrals Of Nebraska


By Paul Berglund

I was born in February and have lived my whole life in Minnesota. I would put my motorcycle away in the fall and resuscitate it in the spring. Winter was all about enduring the hibernation. Each spring starting my motorcycle was like the first cry of a new born babe, and my life could resume.

Putting a motorcycle on a trailer and bringing it somewhere nice to ride always seemed wrong to me. (Especially around the first week of August.) So when I bought a dirt bike I made sure it was street legal. Turns out the things that make for a good street bike, don’t help you when you ride off road. So I bought a much lighter dirt bike and a trailer.

May 2016 — Geezer With A Grudge — Not Art


By Thomas Day

I don’t know if Andy and Aerostich created this sticker for me, but they should have if they didn’t. For most of my adult life, the word “art” has meant something different to me than, probably, to the rest of the world. I’ve even created my own etymological backstory for the origins of the word art: “a modernization and abbreviation of the French ‘art brut,’ or ‘art done by prisoners, lunatics, etc.’” The natural adaptation of that word to modern applications would be “not good.”

A good bit of my opinion of art and artists comes from decades of seeing materials misused, adhesives and fasteners poorly applied, and welds so miserably executed that even extreme grinding can’t hide the turkey-crap splatter. At one time, I was a fairly decent stick welder and moderately decent with wire-fed welding on steel. Today, those skills are long in my past but I can still recognize good work when I see it. I’m not a great carpenter or cabinetmaker, but I have done enough of that work to know when I’m looking at a piece I would have no chance in hell of building myself. I’ve been some kind of musician almost all of my adult life and I know what I could play and what I couldn’t and I try to spend as little time listening to something I do myself. When it comes to musicianship, I am my own definition of “artistic.”

May 2016 — From The Hip

174_Hip_ExhaustBy Bruce Mike

I attended the Donnie Smith Bike and Car Show this month. I try to go every year because I’m fascinated with custom motorcycles and cars. Garage art isn’t really my thing but I’m always impressed with the design and effort these folks put into these customs. My favorites are the ones built in somebody’s garage or small shop. The high school builds are great too. Most of my time at this show is spent at the swap meet. This year I was on the hunt for a 2 into 1 exhaust for a Sportster.

May 2016 — Feature — You Already Knew This (Part 2)


By Aaron Amborn

was in need of a new bike, but wasn’t sure what to buy. I consulted with a high mileage friend for countless hours and literally hundreds of irritating questions. Eventually he helped figure out what I needed and steered me toward big touring bikes. After a lot of research I finally decided on the BMW K1200LT and so the hunt began.

E-bay, Craigslist, local ads were all dissected in an attempt to find that steal. What I quickly learned is at the time these bikes were in pretty high demand and didn’t come cheap. I bid on ten bikes before I finally landed one. Of course it wasn’t in a neighboring state it was in Florida. So, Ft Lauderdale here I come.

May 2016 — Road Rash


May 2016 — How-To Tip — Black Plastic Restoration

174_BlackPlasticRestoreBy David Harrington

If you ride your motorcycle/scooter/moped for transportation on a regular basis you’ve likely noticed some fade to the appearance of your machine. Though I usually have my two-wheelers in the garage at home, they often sit out in the sun at various destinations, including my office. I keep the shiny bits waxed and I believe this protection helps prevent oxidation and other damage to appearance. When it comes to the flat black “interior” panels on my scooters, the damage is more obvious and not as easy to prevent.

May 2016 — From The Archives — MMM rides the Minnesota 1000

MN1000This story is a reprint from Issue #88, September 2006. With the 2016 Minnesota 1000 coming up June 10-12, I thought this was an appropriate piece to pull from the archives. If you want to ride the Minnesota 1000 go to for registration info.

By Victor Wanchena

We in Minnesota are rather fortunate. Our state is blessed with the Minnesota 1000. The Minnesota 1000, or MN1K as it is sometimes known, is arguably the finest 24-hour endurance rally held in the country. Endurance rallies in one form or another have been around for a couple of decades but has really grown in popularity in the past 10 years. The concept is very simple. The riders are given a route sheet with various locations on it. These are known as bonuses and are each worth point amounts. Each bonus will require you to do something to prove you were there. You might write down the inscription on a historical marker or bring a photo of location or simply get a gas receipt from a particular town. The number of bonuses is always high enough to keep you from visiting them all. Instead you must plan the most effective route that gains you the most points. It is not a race but a test of riding skill, endurance, machine, and planning.

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