Winter 2016 — Bike Review — The All New Himalayan And Other Royal Enfield Stuff

By Bruce Mike

Sometimes we are offered unique opportunities at Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly. Reviewing the Royal Enfield Himalayan was one of them. At the time of this review, there were only two prototypes of the bike in North America. On a Friday in late August I got to ride one. I had to go to the new headquarters of Royal Enfield North America which is in Milwaukee. A great city to call home for a storied motorcycle company like Royal Enfield. Read more

Winter 2016 — Tales From The Road — Thunder On The Mountain

By Paul Berglund

As foretold by the oracle in the last issue, I have built a scrambler. It didn’t turn out the way I had planned and then I did something else unexpected. I rode it over a mountain in Colorado. Tin Cup pass near St. Elmo Colorado to be exact. The outcome was… mixed.

In the original scrambler mission statement, I had theorized that scrambler motorcycles are made to ride on bad roads. I was still feverishly working on what bike I would use to build my scrambler when the former editor of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, a Mr. Sev Pearman, declared his Tin Cup Challenge. He was going to buy a street bike for $500 and ride it over Tin Cup Pass at the end of August. Most likely it would be an early eighties Japanese cruiser, because no one loves them and they’re about the cheapest bike out there. I instantly wanted in on this action. Read more

Winter 2016 — Feature — High Plains Drifter…Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Slide The Bike — Part IV

By Victor Wanchena

The final installment of my rookie flat track racing adventure finds me heading into the last four races of the season. At this point in the season I’ve gone from a complete rookie to slightly seasoned rookie. I’m learning the skills needed to race, but more importantly I am having a blast.

I also find myself in new territory being in contention for year-end awards in two classes, Open B and Vintage Single.  It’s more due to me making all the races than winning them, but heading into the last races I have a shot at a respectable rookie finishes in Open B and Vintage Single. Read more

Winter 2016 — Geezer With A Grudge — Old Habits And New Fears

By Thomas Day

I retired in 2013 and my wife and I escaped our first Minnesota winter in 18 years in a used Winnebago RV. That was the plan, anyway. Unfortunately, I discovered a whole lot about Volkswagen and that company’s non-existent product support along the way (Ducati owners beware!). So, instead of a 13,000 mile trip to the southern California and up PCH to Portland, we spent the winter (all five months of it) in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico while I troubleshot our Eurovan’s electronics and contemplated going back to some kind of work since “retirement” had turned into such a disaster. Along the way, I Read more

Winter 2016 — All The News That Fits

What the What?180_atn1

USA Takes ISDE Trophy!

The U.S. World Trophy Team dominated the 2016 International Six Days Enduro, the longest-running team world championship in motorcycling, winning the ISDE World Trophy for the first time and ending the 103-year drought for team USA. Held in Navarra, Spain in October, it was the 91st running of the ISDE since the FIM event was founded in 1913. Read more

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