Directed by Carlos Sorinvideo92
Fox Video (1989)
91 minutes


by Susan Starr and Kevin Kocur

Susan sez: “Eversmile, New Jersey” is a very odd movie. Daniel Day Lewis plays Fergus O’Connell, an Irish dentist who has traveled from New Jersey to Patagonia, South America to preach the gospel of healthy teeth. Riding around on his sidecar which doubles as a mobile dentist’s office, he is passionately devoted to his cause, telling people “Cavities have no homeland” and that food and drink should be avoided because they contribute to tooth decay. O’Connell has a unique view of the world. He thinks the troubles in Northern Ireland are silly because Protestants and Catholics both suffer from tooth decay.

The meager plot of the movie involves a young woman (Mirjana Jokovic) who ends up accompanying Dr. O’Connell on his dental odyssey and O’Connell’s eventual crisis of faith as he comes to wonder if people will ever understand the importance of dental hygiene. This ridiculous material is played completely straight. Kevin and I were scratching our heads wondering just what the movie was getting at. I can’t recommend this movie on the basis of quality but I can recommend it if you are looking for a really inexplicable evening at the movies.

Kevin Sez: How cool would it be if we could all work while riding? “In Eversmile, New Jersey”, Dr. Fergus O’Connell gets to do just that. What’s even cooler is that O’Connell’s ride, an FLH Shovelhead, has a sidecar attached to it that turns into a mobile dentist’s chair. Sadly, that’s the only cool thing about this film.

“Eversmile” is a confusing little flick. Is it art? Is there some higher message that I’m just not getting? Why is Daniel Day Lewis yelling? Your guess is as good as mine. The film doesn’t seem to have any direction. It’s like a bunch of random bits thrown together.

Most of the film involves O’Connell and Estela riding around endless open terrain, and setting up shop in the middle of the streets of dusty little villages. Apparently people seeking to have a cavity repaired aren’t bothered by a little dirt blown into their open mouths. Talk about dry mouth!

O’Connell has a, umm, “different” personality. At the very least he’s passive aggressive, but he seems to lean closer to Bipolar. He smiles a lot, and is generally pleasant to be around, but will suddenly just start shouting. The line he shouts out the most is “I AM A DENTIST!” Sometimes he will loudly exclaim his profession at the most inopportune times, although usually it happens every time a woman is trying to seduce him. I don’t understand why being a dentist means you’re not allowed to get any. Or maybe he belongs to a secret society of eunuch dentists…


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