Red riding jacket

By Bruce Mike

Early last fall I was contacted by Peter Lundgren who owns and operates North American distribution of Corazzo which is described as urban riding apparel for scooter and motorcycle owners. Peter’s business is located in Mankato. He asked me if MMM would be interested in reviewing the Corazzo 6.0. I ran over to Scooterville, who sells all the Corazzo gear, and picked one up.

I have a lot of riding gear, both leather and textile. What I choose to wear on any given ride usually depends on comfort, weather and how many pockets I need. I have everything from cheap to expensive but all of it I feel pretty safe in. I’m not much of a gear snob.

The Corazzo 6.0 comes in black/black, blue/tan and red/black. I got the red and black one. With the bright red color and the 3M Scotchlite reflective racing stripes, it offers great visibility. The overall look of the jacket is kind of european retro cool which I’m sure makes it a great fit in the scootering world.

The jacket is made of 1000-denier Cordura which isn’t as abrasive resistant as high-end racing leathers but it’s better than most light to medium weight leathers. The jacket also comes with CE-standard Knox armor at the shoulders and elbows. The back protector is also Knox. This is much better armor than I thought I would get in a $289 jacket. The jacket comes with a zip-in liner that can also be worn as a lightweight jacket when you’re hanging out at the coffee shop. The liner has long cuffs with thumb holes that tuck nicely into your gloves to help keep the wind out of your sleeves.

I don’t ride a scooter but all my bikes have a pretty upright riding position. This jacket has been great. It’s cut right so it doesn’t ride up in the back, the sleeves are long enough to keep my wrists covered and it’s actually pretty water resistant. With the liner in I found it quite comfortable on 35 to 45 degree rides. The warmest it’s been when wearing it is around 75 and I was comfortable with the vents open. I’ve got around 1800 miles on it and it keeps getting more comfortable every time I wear it. I think the Cordura takes awhile to break in.

My only issues with this jacket have more to do with me than the jacket. It uses hook and loop (Velcro) in places where I would prefer snaps. It has a left side, inside pocket, for a cell phone that I wish was a little bigger and didn’t have a hook and loop fastener. I’ll be removing that fastener. The cuffs on the liner are a little too tight but I can stretch them out. I didn’t even try to open the vents while wearing it. Other than these minor annoyances, the quality and construction of this $289 jacket blow me away. I would recommend this jacket to anyone.

If you want to see Corazzo gear in person, stop by Scooterville at 904 19th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404. Great shop run by great people. You can also find Corazzo online at



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  2. These are jackets that are the most important thing to wear while riding. It has padding and protection inside that helps to prevent burns which commonly happen to the riders who are not wearing any type of protective clothing.

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