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By Bruce Mike

I’m 55 years old and I’ve been street riding since I was 17. I’ve accumulated a lot of riding gear over the years. I’ve got several leather jackets as well as textiles. I’ve got warm weather and cold weather gear, with and without armor. The Aerostich Roadcrafter Classic is my first one-piece suit. I’ve never had an interest in separate pants and jackets but I’ve always thought a full suit would be the way to go.

Aerostich made the first Roadcrafter riding suit in 1983 and added a two piece version two years later. They have since added to their line of riding suits and continue to refine them. Each of their suits are custom made, one at a time, in their store/factory in Duluth. This is gear designed by riders for riders. Since 1983 the Aerostich catalog has expanded to thousands of items specifically chosen to make riding a motorcycle better. From long distance riding, to everyday commuting, from camping to safety, Aerostich covers it all.

I was really impressed that they could fit me over the phone. I’m kind of a short fat guy and just by having a conversation with Stephanie, they put together a suit that fit me perfectly. I got it pretty late in the season so I haven’t had the chance to use it on any really long trips yet. I wore it on a weekend ride through northern Minnesota and experienced cold, warm and rain and it performed great. I loved not having to switch gear depending on what the current elements were. I’ve also used it around town in nice weather as well as rain. Last week I wore it on my commute in 30 degree weather with a hoodie and I was fine. Granted, I have a short commute and if I was to go any further I would go with a few more layers.

As far as safety, this suit has TF2 armor in all the right places. Roadcrafter suits were the first riding gear available with removable armor. Everything else had sewn in padding made out of felt or foam rubber. Based on crash stories you can find on the internet and in reviews on their website, Aerostich suits provide great overall protection.

One of the advantages I found to full riding gear, is less fatigue when riding. I spent a number of years wearing little to no gear and the difference is dramatic. It’s not just the noise and weather, it’s the air pounding on me at 70 mph. It just kind of sucks the life out of me. The Cordura used in the Roadcrafter offers a great barrier from everything. I felt a noticeable decline in fatigue after a full day of riding. It’s like having a full body windscreen.

The construction of the Roadcrafter Classic is impressive. The materials used, the way it’s put together, you can tell it’s built to last. The pockets and zippers are made so you can work them while wearing gloves.

There are only two things about this suit that I struggle with. I think both have more to do with me than the Roadcrafter. I’m supposed to be able to get in or out of it in like 10 seconds.  It takes me about 30. Also walking around in the suit is not as comfortable as I would like it to be. Riding while wearing it is wonderful. I’m pretty certain my issues would go away if i lost some weight and got in a little better shape.

I know there is a lot of high-end riding gear available these days so why pick Aerostich? For me it’s as simple as the gear they manufacture is as good, if not better, than everything else out there and they manufacture it in Duluth, MN. So not only is it made in the U. S. A. but it’s made in my home state.

If you’re thinking about new gear, give Aerostich a shot. While you’re poking around the thousands of items on their website, check out the Roper gloves. Hands down, my favorite riding gloves ever. Check them out at


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