Ural motorcycle in snow

by Bruce Mike

It’s been a really long winter. At least it seems that way. I think part of it is the fact that the International Motorcycle Show was in December instead of the normal February. I attended the show but it didn’t have the same feel as it does when it’s in the dead of winter and spring is on the horizon. Having it right before the holidays just felt wrong. I’m hoping next year it returns to February where it belongs.

A few bikes at the show peaked my interest. Royal Enfield’s new twins and the Himalayan, and the street tracker at the Indian booth. Indian’s Street Tracker is not in production yet but if and when it becomes available, I might be first in line at the dealer. I rode and reviewed a prototype of the Himalayan and it was a pretty great all-around bike. The new twins they have coming out look like they could be a lot of fun to ride too. I’ve always thought you get a lot of fun for not a lot of money with Royal Enfield and they look really cool too.

As winter trudges on I try to get as much motorcycle related stuff into my life as I can. I wimped out of the Icycle ride on New Year’s day because of the cold only to ride the Groundhog Enduro in Watertown South Dakota when it was equally cold if not colder. With my nephew in the sidecar as my navigator we won the rally which made the cold worth it. Yesterday was a real family event at the Popcycle in Dennison, MN. My brother and his two boys were all entered. My nephew and I won first and his brother took second. We beat him by two points. We’re on a roll. These events really help me beat the winter blues and they are ridiculously fun.

The next winter busting events on my calendar are the War of The Twins Indoor Flat Track Race on March 23rd, sponsored by The Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show, The Bike & Car Show is March 24-25. If you haven’t been to a flat track race, check it out. The Donnie Smith show is always a great event too.

After that it’s April and everyday riding becomes a more comfortable possibility. My winter survival really comes to an end in early May with Vintage Torque Fest in Dubuque Iowa. Then it’s just seven or eight months of good riding before it starts all over again. I’ll take it. After all, if I could ride comfortably every day I might take it for granted.


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  1. I don’t know why, but this winter feels like the longest ever. My wife is on the edge of putting our house up for sale and moving to New Mexico, with or without me. She is convinced we’ve suffered 12 months of winter. I just pass by the bikes on the way to taking the trash out. I’ve moved the trickle charger a couple of times, from one bike to the other, but that’s it. I haven’t started either bike since late December. Last year was the lowest mileage season of my adult life and four months is the longest I’ve gone without riding since the 60’s.

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