Adventure Power Sports – Vstrom 1000 Revalve Respring Review

By Dave Soderholm

As the summer and fall riding season in the Midwest winds down, our thoughts turn to offseason projects that could improve our trusty 2 wheeled companions.  We could pick from numerous options for our areas of focus. I would argue you would be best served with focusing on the area of suspension.

Yeah.  You know…..those boingy things under your bike connected to your wheels?  The parts that control the movement of the tires actually connecting you to the road?   The parts that determine whether or not you can safely avoid an obstacle and avoid a crash.  The parts that could make that long day in the saddle…aahhh…comfortable?

During the summer of 2018, that’s the place I wanted to improve upon with my V-Strom 1000. Having a racing background and off-road before that, I know and understand how important properly sprung, valved and adjusted suspension is for comfort, safety and performance. The stock V-Strom 1000 comes with very good suspension. As we stated in our review, it has good compliance and control in movement.  Unfortunately, it’s also sprung for 160 lb riders. I’m not 160 lbs and had both preload adjusters front and rear pretty much maxed out to get the proper suspension sag close. This left little to no preload to help with a passenger or trip gear. Enter stage left – Jay Jobes aka…Sasquatch and Adventure Power Sports.

Jay Jobes runs Adventure Power Sports out of Idaho and specializes in (among other services) respring and revalve services for suspension tailored to the ADV bike market.  I contacted Jay to see what he could do about the springs on my V-Strom. After talking with him, he convinced me I would be better off with a full Suspension rebuild (valving and springs) for the front and rear.  Everything would be custom valved and matched front to rear for the exact suspension solution I needed. After filling out some nicely detailed forms for zeroing in on my needs, I stripped off my suspension, boxed it up and off it went to Jay in Idaho.

Jay is a pioneer.  My rear shock (and many on stock bikes) is technically factory sealed and not rebuildable. Jay developed a method to change that.  With Jay’s method, he is able to turn it into basically a fully rebuildable aftermarket shock at a fraction of the price. WIN. He reprung and custom revalved the stock shock, did the same on the forks, installed low friction fork seals, sealed everything up and sent it back to me in about a week.  When the big brown truck arrived with the box from Idaho, I was like a kid in a candy store.

After putting on the suspension I immediately noticed how much taller the bike felt in the saddle; confidently so, balanced, and not squishy like it was with the stock springs.  Setting up the preload was refreshing. Minimal preload was needed to be dialed in to get the proper sag numbers. After that, it was riding time. I’d give it a good 2 week shake down, reset my compression and rebound adjusters and take it on a trip.

During that 2 week break in, the suspension developed an amazing athletic grace, being easily dialed in with the adjusters. It was taught, compliant, controlled and sucked up big and small hits with minimal shock transferred to the bars, seat and pegs.  I rode some moderate off road stuff, primarily low maintenance dirt and poorly paved roads around out state Minnesota and Wisconsin and I was impressed. Huge improvements in rough road compliance and control! It actually made the V-Strom 1000 feel lighter.  I was also impressed with the gains in corner carving I observed. Balance front to rear and while encountering bumps mid corner it was excellent, never budging off line. Before, it would have a weave in those same conditions. Not alarming, but noticeable. Jay had said it would be balanced if both ends were done together and he was right on. Good call.

Towards the end of Summer we loaded up for a multi-day trip with full camping and week-long travel gear. Top trunk – full.  Side bags – full. Drybag and chair strapped to the back seat. Pretty decent load. Remote rear preload cracked up just past half way, 2 extra clicks of rebound damping…..perfect.  Still plush on the road. Still great handling on the alphabet roads. Balanced – even with the extra weight.  One big smile under the helmet from the rider.

To wrap this up.  Get your suspension in order on your motorcycle over the winter lay off!  It’s the perfect time to do it. You won’t be riding it anyway. Nothing you do to your bike will have a bigger and safer impact to your motorcycle each and every time you ride it. Jay and Adventure Power Sports provide a top notch suspension service. He will custom design the solution you need. Modifying the stock valves or installing custom valved aftermarket ones depending upon need and budget.  I gave his suspension a very thorough multi week evaluation and came away very happy. You will to. Thanks Jay…errr….Sasquatch!

You can contact Jay Jobes @


1250 East Iron Eagle Drive, Eagle, Idaho 83616


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  1. Hello Dave. I have been looking at doing the same thing for my 2014 DL1000. In fact, I pulled my shock this past weekend to get ready to send it off to Jay. Your article gave the service favorable review. Are you still happy with the service of the shock and do you feel it is going to hold up? I am a bit concerned when everything I read from Suzuki says this not a serviceable shock.

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