Betty’s Bikes and Buns

600 E. Hennepin Mpls, MNfood71

Open from 6:00am to 11:00pm
7 days a week.

by Gus Breiland

Coffee is the lifeblood of many a biker. Not only is coffee the lifeblood but it is also the bonding agent that motorcyclists rely on to fuel their sessions of bench racing and story telling. Betty’s Bikes and Buns in north Minneapolis is the newest place in town were motorcyclists are welcome to come, buy a cup of joe and proceed to share their stories and show their bikes. Betty’s Bikes and Buns “Where lies become legends” indeed.

Local riding family, Tom, Robyn, Lindsey, Shannon, and Alexx Roe have brought to you Minnesota’s newest riding destination. A jewel in the rough so to speak. Betty’s Bikes and Buns was born out of an unused garage on 6th and Hennepin just north of the river off Central. With welcoming cups of coffee, the 3-stall garage is now a seating area and counter space mixed in with motorcycle memorabilia and actual bikes on display. Wanna pick up an issue of MMM, swing on over and see that right next to our fine publication are their stacks of donated bike magazines which have as diverse a cross section of bikes as the bikers who visit Betty’s.

With hot and cold drinks, snacks and other edibles, Betty’s provides a home away from home for every biker, motorcyclists, rider and squid. Whether you are a newbie on R1, a leather vest wearin’ dentist or scooter trash of the Vespa degree, you are welcome. The local fire department seems to have a fondness for Betty’s as well and are a great bunch of guys to sit and chat with. Buy them a cup of coffee if they are sitting there, they deserve it. Plus, you get to watch them in action as the come tearing past on their way to calls.

This was going to be my summer of hard work and sacrifice for a new bike next year. I was going to put my nose to the grindstone and work work work. Every weekend, every night, every opportunity to work I was going to be there. I wanted a new bike and I was going to reward my hard work this year with riding next year.

Enter Betty and her sweet buns. Her comfy places to sit, her damn fine coffee good enough to drink and her puppy dog tails. Warm cinnamon buns with plenty of icing. My summer of work has been turned into a summer of getting to know the best class of people out there, riders. Not to mention gaining about 15 pounds of cookies, malts, breakfast sandwiches and caffeinated beverages.

Many a Saturday passed this summer sitting next to the gentleman that I was working for asking him “Has you painter shown up yet?” He seem to always reply “Nah, you know painters!” This never got old, considering it would last 2 to 3 hours before finally one of us would crack under the guilt of not getting anything accomplished for the day. With one last cup of coffee for the road I would leave Betty knowing I would see her again, soon.

It has been a sacrifice all right, a mighty fine sacrifice. On any given hour of the day, you will find an eclectic mix of choppers and sport bikes. Vintage and Modern. Lucas and illuminated.

Betty’s is also a great place to stage the start or end of your ride. Centrally located with freeways easily accessed, Betty’s is a great place to spread out your maps and find the best way to Colorado, Kenosha, or Cottage Grove. There are maps to check routes and coffee to warm the spirit. If you are ending your day of riding, bring the whole group over to have a malt or smoothie.

Betty’s has already become “the place to be” by being a bonus checkpoint for Minnesota’s favorite team of Long Distance riders, Teamstrange. She has also played host to a gaggle of scooters during this summers Scooter Du organized by the Regulars. Peddlers have also found refuge with Betty. While not everyone partakes in big group events, on most Saturday or Sunday mornings local rider groups / clubs will gather in order to talk about today’s weather or politics. Topics also overheard at times ask why Harley never released the VR1000 or how do linked brakes reduce the amount of hooliganism in Honda riders.

If you’re on 2, 3 or 4 wheels, why not give her a try? With the Holiday station across the street, not only will your be bike be gassed up but so will you after Brendon makes you one of the best Mocha’s in town.

Not only is there plenty of parking for motorcycles of all breeds and styles but Betty’s hospitality is extended even farther to riders by her helmet shelves and heavy duty coat racks. Gone are the days of finding a secluded corner for your bulky riding gear. With plenty of room for tables and chairs, you are no longer forced to walk through the maze customers hitting them in the back of the head with your helmets or courier bags.

Betty has even altered my morning commute. I live in south Minneapolis and work in Bloomington but 3-4 mornings of the week you will find me running up to the North side of town for a cup of coffee and a little conversation before my cubical takes over another day of my life.

Come spend some time with Betty. She is located at 600 East Hennepin in north Minneapolis Minnesota. She is open from 6am to 11pm every day that ends in “y”. Give her a call at 612 378 4988 or look her up at online. Looking forward to seeing you there and if your nice, maybe I will buy you a cup of coffee. Ask for Gus, I’m the one laughing and ignoring the clock. I don’t want to be reminded that I should be working.

By the way, Betty likes her neighbors so keep you wheels down and you pipes quiet. Otherwise she may just be forced to give you decaf.


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