151_GuideToDualSportThe Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling

By Carl Adams
192 Pages, 2008
Whitehorse Press

By Victor Wanchena

The riding doesn’t stop where the pavement ends. Dual sport riding offers adventure, and is attracting a lot of new riders. Carl Adams’s book, The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling helps answer the dual sport rider questions and sets them on a course of enjoyment in this growing segment of motorcycling.

As the motorcycling has evolved the machines and the riding gear has followed suit. Dual sport riders no longer no longer are saddled with just street bikes fitted with knobby tires and high pipes or open face helmets and logging boots. Today’s dual sport rider faces many bewildering array of choices for machines and gear. Navigating those waters is tough and trusted advice can help riders make the most with of their time and money.

The book tackles dual sport riding is a well-organized manner. Beginning with bike selection Carl helps riders sift through the ever expanding range of dual sport motorcycles to find the one that will fit their riding preferences and budget. He goes on to tackle what gear to wear, how to set up your bike, maintenance, where to ride, navigating, and even basic techniques for riding off pavement. He is comprehensive in his approach to the sport leaving no stone unturned.

Adams’s writing style is easy to follow and straight forward. The book is laid out in an easily skimmed format allowing you to skip ahead to find the information you need. The text is supported with plenty of pictures and illustrations for visual learners.

Adams also brings an affordable approach to the beginner dual sport rider. He councils on the value of basic reliable trail bikes vs. high-end race spec machines. His thrifty no-nonsense perspective is refreshing and sound advice.

151_DirtRidingDVDDirt Riding Skills

Directed by Carl Adams
67 Minutes, 2010
Whitehorse Press

As a companion to the book Adams has also produced a video on basic riding techniques titled Dirt Riding Skills for Dual Sport and Adventure Riders. The video is made up of eight different lessons. They demonstrate how to ride over a variety of terrain. Each new lesson builds on the previous ones in a logical order. Adams stresses the need for practice and good form. I found the video help a newer dual sport rider, but those looking for the lasted MX speed secrets will be disappointed. The video also included a nice field guide handy for taking with you on the trail.

Bottom line, for those looking to enter the world of dual sport riding or needing to sharpen their skills the book The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling and accompanying video can be of real asset. I give it four out four cylinders. Both are available from your friends at Whitehorse Press www.whitehorsegear.com.


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