This Month’s Winner

Lee Bruns

“It was a cold snowy day, but I knew, if I could just make it to the pub, everything would be fine”.

Lee’s photo will appear on our Facebook page as well as on our website. If your photo didn’t win this month it could still win in the future. It all comes down to which one that’s in our possession that we like best.

Send us your photos and we’ll pick one each month as our winner. Winning images will appear on our website, facebook page and, space permitting, printed in the paper. Valuable prizes include bragging rights and maybe a piece of pie, but you’ll have to shake us down for that. The photos should be motorcycle related. We lean towards funny. Bribery welcomed and encouraged. Please do not send copy-righted, R-rated or hatin’ images. We are a family-friendly publication. Images need to be jpgs and 2-3 mb in size. Send your images to Thanks for your participation.


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