Aerostich Riding Shorts

by Thomas Day

Ok, I admit this review is gross. So live with it. Nothing will ruin a long trip faster than a bad case of butt rash. That’s a technical term, I was once employed in the medical field and I know what I’m talking about. You can powder, oil, or wax your butt, but if you stay in the saddle long enough, you’ll probably suffer the pain and embarrassment of butt rash (also known as “fanny agony”). There is a solution.

The Aerostich Riding Shorts are the thing you need. Male or female riders, alike, can extend their average daily maximum miles by wearing these specially designed “Riding Shorts.” Since the majority of serious motorcyclists are, shall we say, of “advanced age” and male, many of us are plagued with the dreaded “old guys’ butt.” Vanishing gluetial muscle and increasing body mass both combine to increase the pressure we apply to a motorcycle seat. The solution is to add artificial padding to the place where the butt meets the seat.

These Lycra and fleece-lined shorts not only add padding to that critical motorcycling area of the motorcycling body, but they increase air flow, reduce bunching and binding, and eliminate much of the friction between your skin and your outer clothing. You won’t know how much irritation all those negative qualities generate until you ride without them. A pair of these shorts and a lycra tee-shirt under a riding suit is the ticket on hot days. I crossed the desert in that outfit (with an Aerostich Darien suit) and I was comfortable as long as I was moving.

The shorts are available in black, period. They are sized in small (24-28), medium (28-32), large (32-36), and extra large (36-40). If you’re bigger than that, you have more problems than shorts can resolve. They cost $37, which seems like a lot for shorts, but after day six and 2,500 miles of a road trip, you’ll think they are cheap at any cost.

I apologize for the unoriginality of the included picture. I sent in a picture of me in my Riding Shorts and it cost our editor the use of his eyes and a segment of his mind for a week. So, I resorted to the stock RiderWearhouse catalog picture in case that reaction turned out to be common. I don’t want to agitate the Homeland Security folks.


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