Touratech Packaderm Luggage Systems

by Giles Dunbar

Touratech is proud to announce its new line of harnesses for your beast of burden. The Packaderm® line of harnesses and soft mounts is designed for the comfort of the animal and the long haul. Using self-adjusting nylon strapping with sheepskin soft point protection for high wear areas, the harness allows the adventurer to use their Touratech luggage system across a wide variety of platforms; from a (Cagiva) Elefant to live Elephant (coming soon) easily transferring both panniers and top case from the back of your mechanized beast of burden to your pack mule, horse, goat, llama and of course, your elephant.

“We (Touratech) wanted to expand our market to allow tour groups and adventure vacationers to continue to use our luggage systems with ease,” said Communications Officer Hans Gruber. “Our luggage systems are rugged, waterproof and spacious. Why not use them on your African Safari or your mountain expedition in Peru?” The strapping system allows for ease of attachment both on the animal and the luggage itself. Using a four-point crisscross pattern, the load is evenly distributed across the back of the animal. Shock strapping and quicklock buckles help keep the load in place during steep vertical climbs and shifting body mass. It will not interfere with a saddle but it may require some slight body modifications.

With a full line of strapping easily optimised to your animal, it is as simple as finding a common body type through our silhouette icons and ordering online at There is a sizing chart based on body type that allows you to order oversized strap lengths if need. Strapping systems start at $876.00. At this time, due to the success of the product launch, most items are on back order but we expect restocking in six to eight weeks. Orders can be made online and will be fulfilled in the order received.


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