Bob Woolter
200 pages
Whitehorse Press; Second edition

by Lee Bruns

132_Book_Review_CoverIt’s difficult to review Bob Woofter’s Motorcycle Camping Made Easy without sounding like a late night info-mercial. Need help picking out a bike to go moto-camping on? It’s in there. Wanting information on how to pack the bike? It’s in there. How to build a campfire? It’s in there. Choosing a tent? It’s in there. Clothing choices, trailer towing, picking a campsite, knife sharpening, tool-kits, on and on. It’s in there!

Bob Woofter has taken the time to share solid, hard-earned knowledge from decades of camping. Absolutely everything you’ll ever need to know about camping is covered. This is the ultimate moto-camping handbook, whether you’re camping in developed campgrounds or primitive camping in national parks.

One of my favorite chapters is titled “Motorcycles and the Golden Age of Camping.” It examines the history of moto-camping in the early 20th century.

Whether its bugs, bikes, bedding or bears, the author has helpful advice to make your camping more enjoyable. This all-encompassing how-to manual will entertain and inform, whether you are an experienced camper or have never camped a day in your life. But wait; there’s more! If you order now, Mr. Woofter will include sections on choosing a camp stove, GPS routing, sleeping bags and tents at no extra charge.

The photographs and drawings are top notch, from “How to Right a Downed Bike” to “How to Make a Campfire Raisin Pie”. Even the page margins are used to share 100 year-old camping tips. While some of are laughably impractical today, others are still as true now as when they were written such as, “No one should plan on camping more than a day or two without the tools and ability to make their own furniture”.
I can’t count how many times I’ve been camping and realized I needed a roll-top desk but had forgotten to pack one.

Included in the back is a list of recommended equipment suppliers as well as travel bureaus for each state and Canadian provinces. Not only will campers of every experience level enjoy and learn from this book, they’ll also benefit from bringing a copy along on their outings. The slightly oversized paperback is small enough to bring along on camping trips as a camp reference guide.

Once the trip is over, Motorcycle Camping Made Easy even shows how to clean and store your gear for the next outing. Motorcycle Camping Made Easy is a must-have for camping enthusiasts of any experience level. And though it sounds cliché, it makes a great gift.

Four out of four cylinders.



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