164_GearReviewBy Bruce Mike

Have you ever wanted to truly personalize your bike? Now you can in a way you may have never imagined. Mood Bike Paint And Accessories can make your bike an exact reflection of how you’re feeling at any given time. With their special Mood Paint you can have your bike react to the way you’re feeling every time you get on it. You can have the standard paint reactions, angry – black, happy – blue, sad – gray, and we all know what green means.

You can also have a complete custom paint job for each emotion. Through a special layering process the paint only appears when the feeling triggers it. There are sensors in the seat and hand grips that work the same way as mood rings. The change takes approximately 5 minutes.

If the paint isn’t enough, the company also offers accessories that react in unison with the paint. If you want more horsepower when you’re angry, a super-charger will activate. If you’re happy, it can trigger a specific play list on an extremely loud sound system. When you’re sad you can have your handlebars drop and the exhaust can be muted. If you’re feeling “green” you can have specific areas of the bike vibrate. Your options are nearly endless.

There are also options for safety. You can have blood alcohol level sensors installed that will not allow the bike to run if the driver is over the legal limit. For folks that have issues with emotional instability, the bike will sense when you’re having a bad day and simply lock down. It can even display local crisis centers with contact information.

The cost for the basic paint only configuration is $13,000. If you want your bike to be your mother, father, best friend and lover, the cost is $48,000. For more info go to www.aprilfools.com.


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