by Sev Pearman

The more you ride, the more you get annoyed by half-assed so-called “storage solutions.”  There is nothing worse than rider luggage that flops around, rips or fails.  Bungees will do in a pinch, but for longer rides or regular commuting, you want gear that is up to the task at hand.  The Wolfman Enduro Tool Kit is the answer to the question of secure, flexible tool storage.

We at MMM® always boost our toolkits on extended rides. It is wise to pack your tools low, to centralize mass. While smart, this makes tool access slow and cumbersome. Behold the Enduro Tool Kit.

Made in America by Wolfman, the Enduro Tool Kit balances secure, central tool storage with access and portability. The Enduro Tool Kit is an 8” x 5-1/2” x 4” storage bag made of coated, Cordura® nylon that attaches to a rigid base. I can easily fit my oversize tool roll, a dial tire gauge, extended set of ball end Allen wrenches and Multi-tool with room for a spare tube and sparkplug.

You secure the base to your rear fender or rack with hardware (not included). On my trusty DR-350, I mounted the base laterally between the seat and the rear sub-frame tube. This took all of a half-hour.  Once installed, simply place the Enduro Tool Kit on the base and secure with four straps and heavy-duty Duraflex buckles.  These act like compression straps and can adjust for different-sized loads. The straps feature loose flaps near the end of the straps. These are not a mistake; they prevent the straps from unthreading from the buckles (unlike those in my $700 hard bags. Grrr…) Full-width Velcro® on the base and bottom of the bag eliminate lateral and fore-and-aft shifting. The Enduro Tool Kit has yet to slip on the DR, despite my regular launches and tip-overs.

The bag closes with a heavy-duty YKK® zipper and dust flap. All seams are reinforced. While the coated nylon will keep light rain and puddle splash out, the Enduro Tool Kit is not waterproof. My tools remained dry even after I buried the DR in a bog. Nancy-boys may want to protect their make-up in a Ziploc® bag. Hey Wolfman: why not sell an optional rain cover?

The best feature of the Enduro Tool Kit is the ability to remove it without tools.  You quickly become the doctor who makes house calls.  Bring the bag to your work area, remove your tools and the empty bag becomes a receptacle for hardware and fiddly bits.  No more AWOL bolts and screws.

The Wolfman Enduro Tool Kit retails for $44.99 and features a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. We have punished the Enduro Tool Kit on the Trans-America Trail (see MMM® #113), on our recent Colorado Dual Sport ride (story pending) and on thousands of miles of trail riding. Despite this flogging, it has been 100% bombproof. I give it three-and-half-out-of four cylinders. Contact Wolfman at www.wolfmanluggage.com or 800-535-8131. Their website lists local dealers in your area.

PROS: Intuitive, practical design.
Rugged, quality construction.
Great value on a unique product.

CONS: Where is the rain cover?



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