By Victor Wanchena


The FG-X is HJC’s line of mid tier off-road helmets. There are several models (Legendary Lucha, Driven, Hammer, Talon, Grand Duke, and Solid), which simply denote the color patterns, but 166_HJC_Helmetfunctionally they’re all the same helmet. Intended as an off-road helmet, I have used one now for a year in a variety of circumstances and find quite flexible. It is constructed using what HJC describes as “Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell”. Translation: a strong lightweight shell. I prefer fiberglass shells as the material of choice in helmets with the highest safety ratings.

The lining uses SilverCool™ Interior. It’s removable and does a good job of wicking moisture on hot sweaty days. It claims to stay odor-free interior with anti-bacterial fabric, which thankfully it has after some hot-weather, high-energy rides. It’s easy enough to remove and replace, but I haven’t tried washing it yet.

The eye port is full sized for good goggle fit. I tend to favor larger sized goggles and never had an issue with fitting them comfortably. The FG-X also has what HJC calls “Advanced Channeling Ventilation System” to keep air flowing through the helmet. It does a good job of keeping the air flowing on everything except super slow technical trails. It carries both DOT and Snell rating and retails for $199. It is available in a range of colors and patterns, from the usual black and white to a host of loud and proud designs.

The fit runs true to size. I wear a XXL helmet normally and that size fits perfectly in the FG-X. I’ve used mine for daily commuting, dual sport trips, and trail rides. It makes for a perfect warm weather helmet for people who like air moving over their face. In colder weather the open design made it the wrong choice for me. The sun visor is an under-appreciated feature for early morning commuting.

The FG-X makes an excellent choice for some wanting a reasonably priced high quality off-road helmet that can do double duty on the road during the summer months.


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