By Bruce Mike

I have a lot of riding jackets and if you ask my wife she’ll tell you I don’t need anymore. I can’t help myself. I like jackets. So when The Motorcycle House contacted me to review one of their Viking Cycle Skeid Brown Leather Motorcycle Jackets, I quickly agreed.167_Viking_Cycle_Jacket

I’m very picky about riding jackets and with a price point of around $100, I figured this jacket would not meet my requirements. I was wrong. It is a really nice jacket.

It is made of thick Buffalo Hide that is soft and pliable and I imagine it will break in to being even softer. They call the color brown but it is so dark it looks black.The stitching and zippers are appropriate to the weight of the leather. All the zippers are sewn into leather so they aren’t going to fray and get stuck on a nylon liner.

There are vents and stretchable panels in all the right places and enough pockets to do your grocery shopping. The pocket entry points are surrounded in leather so you don’t have to worry about tearing them at the edges. The pocket liners are made of really heavy nylon so they aren’t going to rip or tear from the things you carry in them.

There is light armor/padding in the elbows, shoulders and back. Not race-worthy but certainly adequate for normal riding. It has a snap in liner that was warm enough for me at 45 degrees. Any colder than that and I’m putting on heated gear anyway. I strongly prefer snaps to velcro and I was kind of surprised to see them in this jacket. There is a padded soft edge on the collar where it comes in contact with your neck that I thought was really nice and well thought out.

I’m not a stylish guy so I like my jackets to be clean, simple and timeless. This jacket achieves that. It’s not flashy or overdone and thank God it has no tassles. It does have leather zipper pulls that work great when you’re wearing gloves.

The only fault I could find with this jacket is it is kind of snug in the sleeves, so wearing heated gear with the liner in may not work. At the same time I prefer snug sleeves on long rides because it seems to reduce fatigue.

Overall, I would and will recommend this jacket to anyone. To get this kind of quality these days for around $100 is unheard of.  If you are looking for a good all-around jacket you might want to get one quick before they run out or raise the price.


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