By Ben Goebel

MMM: How old were you when you got your first bike?

Chip Miller: 17 and it was 1968.

MMM: What was your first bike?

Miller: A Yamaha YDS3, 250

MMM: When did you know that you were hooked on motorcycles?

Miller: Ahhh, 1968.

MMM: How many motorcycles do you have?

Miller: 28

MMM: Of any bike at all, not just the models you have, what is your favorite and why?

Miller: Suzuki GT 750. It’s smooth, powerful and reliable, and you can ride it all day.

MMM: Any advice to someone starting a motorcycle collection?

Miller: Start with as complete a bike as you can find.

MMM: Favorite Minnesota motorcycle event?

Miller: The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) Show at the fairgrounds.

MMM: Favorite motorcycling road in Minnesota?

Miller: Actually, my favorite roads are in Wisconsin. But my favorite Minnesota road, I would have to say is the River Road.

MMM: If you were starting out riding again what would you do differently?

Miller: I wouldn’t have so many motorcycles. They don’t deserve to be left sitting around.

MMM: Why are motorcycles so important in your life?

Miller: Because it’s a tie-in to my youth.


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