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MMM: What’s your job?

Miller: Chief Pit Grid Steward for MotoAmerica (the series previously run as AMA Road Racing). I’m responsible for the pit lane area during practice and qualifying, as well as coordinating the starts of the race.

MMM: How old were you when you got your first bike?

Miller: I was 21.

MMM: What was it?

Miller: I learned to ride on a Bridgestone 350 and my first bike was a V-50 Moto Guzzi.

MMM: When did you know that you were hooked on motorcycles?

Miller: Well, my mom was an orthopedic nurse and whenever she saw a motorcycle, she would say “There go two broken legs”. When I met my husband, I rode behind him. My goal was that before I turned 21 and had to get my drivers license changed, it was going to have a motorcycle endorsement. So I took a MSF class and the next year became an instructor.

MMM: How many motorcycles do you have?

Miller: You would have to ask my children that. I don’t even count anymore.

MMM: Of any bike, what is your favorite and why?

Miller: I love my Moto Guzzi. I have a V-11 Sport Anniversary model.

MMM: What’s life like in the great big extended family that is the MotoAmerica paddock?

Miller: This is like a second family. We are together in the best of times and the worst of times. When we say goodbye to each other in the Fall and we see each other again at the first race of the next season, its big hugs and “Sure missed you” and “It’s great to see you again” and “We’re really glad you’re here.”

MMM: Favorite Minnesota motorcycle event?

Miller: The Blind Lizard

MMM: Favorite Minnesota road?

Miller: HWY 60 from Zumbro Falls into Wabasha.

MMM: Favorite motorcycle rider alive or deceased?

Miller: Vincent Haskovec. For me, nobody represented the sport like Vincent.

MMM: If you were starting out riding again what would you do differently?

Miller: Started earlier.

MMM: Why are motorcycles so important in your life?

Miller: It’s something… I like to go places. I like to go differently (than everyone else). I want to be part of what it is that’s out there. When I get back on that bike, its like – this is why I do this. I sooo enjoy that part of it.



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