By B.P. Goebel

MMM: When did you get your first bike?

Mike Crane: 1974

MMM: What was your first bike?

Mike Crane: It was a Sears minibike.

MMM: When did you know that you were hooked on motorcycles?

Mike Crane: When I rode my friends 1971 Z-50 Mini Trail (Honda), when I was eight.

MMM: How many motorcycles do you have?

Mike Crane: 40

MMM: Of any bike, what is your favorite and why?

Mike Crane: Well, for me its my 1947 Indian Chief. It’s my regular rider. I’ve done 13k miles on it in the last four years and its been very reliable. It’s great to share it with people. Any where you bring it, people love it.

MMM: Any advice to someone starting a motorcycle collection?

Mike Crane: Go after what you love. And for whatever reason that is. If it’s some technical thing like a  connecting rod driven overhead cam like the NSU’s or the in-line four cylinder Indians look great to

you or whatever. The nice thing is, there is a motorcycle collection out there for everybody with any budget.

MMM: Favorite Minnesota road?

Mike Crane: I like the road from Chaska to Henderson. Actually, you know what,  I’m going to say HWY 1, from Lake Superior to Ely.

MMM: Favorite motorcycle rider alive or dead?

Mike Crane: Joey Dunlop.

MMM: If you were starting out riding again what would you do differently?

Mike Crane: I don’t think I would do anything differently. Started out on dirt bikes, and I think to be a good road rider, starting out on dirt bikes is the way to go.

MMM: Why are motorcycles so important in your life?

Mike Crane: Just, I don’t know, loved ‘em since I was a kid, and just, I don’t know. The free feeling that you get when your ridin’. I was feeling it today-I was out on my Indian today.


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