Directed by William Friedkin
Spelling Films International, 1994
76 minutes

By Tammy Wanchena

Fifteen year old, Angel (Shannon Doherty) was truly flirting with disaster when she came on to drug dealing dropout Tony Falcon after cheerleading practice.  Angel’s fate was decided the second Tony (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) pulled up on his Harley in his leather jacket and struck a pose on his bike, straight out of Playgirl.  After only two weeks of dating, they find themselves on the wrong end of the law when they rob a diner and a jewelry store in a stolen car.  Tony winds up doing time while Angel returns home to find herself, and her family, ostracized from their small town.  Angel and her parents move away to start a new life.

Angel returns to her life of cheerleading and popularity and even starts dating the track star.  Tony remains in her heart and her head so she writes him with hope for their future together.  This inspires Tony to break out of prison dropping his prison issued sledgehammer and hopping on to his best friend Skinny’s (Adrien Brody) motorcycle for a quick getaway.  Tony thanks Skinny for assisting in his prison break by screwing him out of their lucrative equestrian deal and leaving him vengeful on the side of the road.  Tony crashes Angel’s sixteenth birthday party and the two rebels head for the Mexican border.

If you have an hour and sixteen minutes to spare, watch this movie.  The dialogue is “LOL hilarious”.  There are plenty of entertaining motorcycle scenes.  The cast and screenplay are 100% Lifetime channel worthy.  I read that Jailbreakers is a 1994 television film that originally aired on Showtime as part of their Rebel Highway series, where they took the titles of 1950s-era B movies and applied them to original films.  This fact and too much time on my hands makes me determined to find the original.  However if I’m lucky enough to find it, I will miss the twenty three-year old Shannon Doherty playing a fifteen year old cheerleader in the original movie, as she is truly a national treasure.  I dare anyone to watch as she turns bad girl and try to state differently.


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