Directed by Daron Ker178_moviereview
Water Buffalo Pictures (2013)

By Tammy Wanchena

I Ride is an eighty-minute tribute to the Fryed Brothers Band, a country band that rocks the motorcycle circuit.  With songs like “The Sturgis Tango”, “The Cunnilingus Yodel”, “Roar of Dirty Thunder” and “I Ride”, the Fryed Brothers Band play events sponsored by Easy Riders and a number of other biker events that bring out some of the toughest gangs in the United States.  Their fans include Willie Nelson and Sonny Barger.

Big, burly, unkempt looking bikers from gangs like the Hessians, Ghost Mountain Riders, Circle of Pride, and Chubb’s Bros talk about their love of this band and their love of riding.  There’s tons of nudity so this one’s more for the lonely than the family.  The music is mostly country, but there was some rhythm and blues.  And the band members have some colorful stories.  Willie Nelson tells a bad joke.  Sonny Barger exhausts his voice box batteries.       

I expected to hate this film.  I am not a fan of crowds.  I am jealous of young girls uninhibited by nudity.  My butt is too big to ride a Harley.  I am not remotely impressed by violence.  And I have never been a fan of country music.  And yet, I found myself entertained.  

I am so far removed from the biker culture this film covers but, I ride.  I understand their love of riding and the open road.  Everyone in the movie is having a good time, dancing, drinking, smoking, riding and hanging with friends.  In younger years I could relate to every one of those things.  But, I cannot relate to the fact that I did not see a single helmet in the entire movie.  Not even on Rhett Rotten riding the Wall of Death.  Honestly people…


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