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Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly is published nine times a year by Hartman Press, Inc.

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  1. Want to put a 1/4 or 1/2 size add in May issue.
    For Amber ALert Run on June 13..
    please give us a fair deal, since it is a non-profit fund raiser.


    1. We have contacted you via email. Thank you for your interest.

  2. I’m a cheapskate looking for the free copies in my area. Maybe someone can update the distribution list?? Three of the Stillwater locations don’t offer MMM: Century Power Sports, Gardy’s, Daily Grind. I quit calling after this and renewed my subscription. Thanks for listening.

    1. We are working on updating the distribution list. Thanks for reading!


  3. Hi MMM. I have with great interest been on your web page and seen your intereesting May issue of MMM. Especially the http://mnmotorcycle.com/may-2017-from-the-hip/ aticle by Bruce Mike I recognize.
    Please allow me to introduce myself, the Danish company Tourstart and our motorcycle ride planner and navigation concept which is unique of its kind.
    Perhaps this concept could be of interest to MMM and your readers as we have made it very easy for motorcyclists to plan, ride and share great tours?

    You can plan your own tours, find inspiration from others, download to a GPS – TomTom and Garmin – or use our free downloadable app which has built in voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.

    The unique feature we offer is the high level of integration between web & app, and once a tour is made it is instantly available on both web & app, and it works offline. The navigation on the app is started easily by pressing the Navigation symbol. Further our newly launched Tourstart Transfer software makes transfer of GPS data to the Garmin and TomTom as easy as never before.

    Please go to http://www.tourstart.org and have a look at it, create your account and test our ride planner for free. If you need a voucher code and a longer test period please let me know, and we will work that out. Do you think Bruce Mike is interested in testing?

    Would you be interested in writing about the Tourstart ride planner and navigation in your magazine and let me know what you think of it?

    I also have an editorial which describes the concept with pictures and logo. Please let me know if this could be interesting for you to see?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,
    Dora Toftegaard Krebs
    Marketing Manager
    +45 2938 1320

    Tourstart | Løvet Møllevej 6 | DK – 8740 Brædstrup | http://www.tourstart.org | http://www.facebook.com/Tourstart
    Tourstart Plan – Ride – Share

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