hip7by Dan Hartman

Finally it’s over. Spring is here. It is April, and the snow is melting. I saw the ground the other day. I haven’t seen it since November. Dirt looks really good when you haven’t seen it in a while. All I want to do is ride my motorcycle. A friend of mine saw motorcyclists when he was in southern Iowa last week. They were heading in every direction, and that warm weather is heading in our direction. Soon we will be out there in full force riding the streets.

Before you hop on your bike and race down the street, get your bike road ready. Read this month’s Rocket Doctor for a run down of the things you need to do to your bike before you take it out. It’s important to make sure your motorcycle is in good shape.

Speaking of good shape…It’s been six months since you last rode a motorcycle. Check out Motorcycle Safety in this issue for pointers on getting YOU road ready. Don’t forget the streets are sandy, and there’s a lot of junk on the roads. You can lose a bike quickly and end up on the ground.

Think about your summer motorcycle activities now, and don’t forget the Minnesota 1000. M.M.M. is one of the sponsors this year, and we want to see huge crowds at Carhenge in June! The “official” description goes something like this–The Minnesota 1000 is neither 1000 miles nor entirely in Minnesota. It is a 24 hour ride designed to let riders chose their own pace, route and strategies while riding to a number of checkpoints in the upper Midwest. It’s truly an endurance ride like the Ironbutt Rally®, The Nevada 1100 or The Utah 1088. To keep the event competitive for all, riders are grouped by types of bikes. Look for the entry form on page 11 in this issue to sign up now.

M.M.M. is back full-time now that spring is here. We’ve been taking it easy over the winter with our two month issues. With the April issue, M.M.M. will be out the first Saturday of every month throughout the riding season. We hope to grow and improve, so suggestions are important to us. We welcome your ideas.

Over the winter we developed a new logo for M.M.M. You can see it on bandannas and helmet stickers. Look for it in the paper. I think it’s pretty sharp.

I want to extend a special thanks to all the advertisers who stayed with us over the winter. Without their support, we enthusiasts wouldn’t have had local mc news to help us through those cold and snowy nights.

Have a great riding season. Look for the paper each month and enjoy it. It belongs to you. Be safe.



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