by Dan Hartman

It’s April, and that means it’s time to ride. The battery is off the workbench and back were it always should have been, in the bike and ready to be called upon to start the motor humming. With the warm spring days I’m ready to ride. The open road is there in front of me; the wind is again in my face, and I feel free. I vow to look ahead, never to look back. Life’s too short not to be riding.

Winter has been a drag, a pain to get through. It’s been too long for all of us who are enthusiasts, and I’m glad it’s over. I recently spent a day getting the bike ready. It needed to be checked over to make sure everything was tight. My first ride was just around the cities. Out on the freeway, I opened up the bike from time to time. What a feeling! This first ride of spring was like being reborn. The world opened up before me, and I was new again. I felt like I had never ridden before.

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly is ready for spring and the riding season, too. We are expanding our ad sales, which in turn will allow us to increase the size and content of the paper. The next area for us to work on will be the number of copies we distribute. We are also looking to add distribution locations for the paper, because we don’t want to add circulation without having the right places to put the extra copies. Things do look good at this point, and we thank you. Please keep reading M.M.M., and we hope you enjoy it.

Remember to check out M.M.M. at www.motorbyte.com, a motorcycle web site for you motorcycling computer junkies. You can read back issues of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly. Look us up and enjoy some of the articles you might have missed. Then e-mail us with your comments at troy@twistedpair.net. We like to hear from you about the newspaper or about anything motorcycle related. Look at Letters, Comments, Whatever… to see what readers had to say this month. It was nice to hear from you, so keep it up. We value your opinions.

This summer, I would like to ride east and visit the Virginia countryside. I may visit the Civil War battlefields then head south into the Blue Ridge Mountains. People tell me it’s a great trip. The scenery is suppose to be beautiful. If you have ideas or suggestions for this trip, drop me a line.

When you start riding this season don’t forget safety. It’s been a while since you’ve been out there on the rode. It may even feel like you have never ridden before, so take your time, take a class, ride safe and be free.


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