by Dan Hartman

April is here and it’s time. Each of us must go down into the basement and take the charger off the motorcycle battery. Then walk it upstairs and head for the garage. The next step is to uncover the bike and just stare at it for awhile. After all you haven’t seen the bike since last fall. Now it’s time to put the battery back were it belongs and then put the seat back on to complete the picture. You are not ready to turn the key and start it up. This is a test to make sure it runs. You have to be ready for that first ride when the weather is just right. can’t wait for the day of my first ride.

Early spring is a hard time for motorcyclist. We all want to ride but it’s still too cold except for the few brave souls you see on the road. At least we can all get ready so we don’t miss the chance. The rest of the time we just wait.

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly can’t wait either as the weather gets better to ride. Don’t forget we love to hear from you. Tell us your newest exploits. We will put what you say in the paper. I just came back from Florida. I had a chance to get together with a friend while I was down there. He told me he had to lay his bike down to avoid an accident. It cost him plenty to fix the bike but he wasn’t hurt. The driver of the car was never found. Most people don’t even see the motorcycle so they never stop.

M.M.M. has moved into an office. Our new address is 2610 East 32nd Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406. We also have new telephone numbers: 612-724-5997, fax 612-724-5989. The old numbers are to be closed out. Our masthead has the new information also. With an office we now have a focus point for you, the reader. It’s a place for you to come if you need one of us. Troy and the other staff will keep hours at the office. The office is in the Trackstar complex in south Minneapolis along with a Bob’s Java Hut and other motorcycle related businesses like Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly.

Don’t forget to visit our advertisers. They are very important to all of us. They keep the paper going for you, the reader. Ride safe and be free.


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