Wild Wheelsvideo_25

Directed by Kent Osborne

Front Row Entertainment, 1996

Rated R; 81 minutes

 by Tammy Vrieze

I have uncovered Casey Kasem’s secret shame and I found it in the discount video bin at a Best Buy store. The skeleton in Casey’s closet is a four foot tall, pot smoking, hard drinking, rowdy biker found in this month’s video Wild Wheels. Casey is a member of the Roadrunners, a gang of not so intimidating Hell’s Angels wanna-bees who prove themselves a menace to a band of dune buggy enthusiasts.

The aging cast of Beach Blanket Bingo have dropped their surf boards for dune buggies and reside peacefully on a California beach. Life is real groovy until the Roadrunners roar into town. Whipping doughnuts and spraying sand, these hooligans have the whole town in an uproar. The king of the Roadrunners is Big Daddy. He’s smooth with the ladies but not with the gang when he starts chasing the girlfriend of Reb Smith, the Big Kahuna of the dune buggy club. But don’t feel bad for Reb because Big Daddy’s peroxide bimbo thinks Reb’s the most.

A late night raid of the local liquor store leads to a flesh filled night of debauchery and possible liver damage. When Boomer, the biggest, baddest, and ugliest of the bikers, hits the bottom of his bottle he takes out his sexual frustration on one of the buggy chics, raping and beating her. This causes the beach boys to retaliate in the film’s climatic fight scene.

The sound quality of the film sucked. Ironically enough the sound guy seemed to have the microphone right up front for the numerous musical interludes and band cameos, which there were entirely too many of, but was in a different county when it came time for the dialogue scenes. Judging from the dialogue I could hear, it was probably for the best.

Wild Wheels was directed and co-written by Kent Osborne, who cleverly snuck his name onto an All Points Bulletin board in a scene at the police station. The film stars a cast of nobodies that includes the likes of Dovie Beams, Robert Dix, Don Epperson, Terry Stafford and introducing Bruce Kimble as “Boomer”. It seems Casey was the only one in the cast brave enough to show his face after this film. Note to Casey, this is what happens when you ignore my blackmail letters.


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