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Meet the future of Roadracing!

by MMM Staff

Disturbing is the only way I can describe racing’s newest form of competition. Warriorcross©, as it is called, is a frightening mixture of road racing, TT racing, and professional wrestling. The basic premise of the series is a superbike road race with TT race style jumps added to the road course. On top of this the racers are not discouraged from hitting one another during the course of the race. They are not allowed weapons other than blunt objects. Hitting is legal at all times except in the pits and corner workers are forbidden to help downed riders.

According to race series promoter Sy Mainway, “What I’ve done is taken a road race, which can get a little tedious–all them guys just going around in a circle–and spiced it up with a some old-fashioned brawling and a few nasty jumps.”

The AMA is just as frightened by the series and has refused to sanction it. The AMA director of road riding, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “We may not like it, but this may be the future of racing in America.”

Currently Warriorcross© races are only being held at a select number of tracks, which include: Aguanga, California Super Speedway, Jericho, Utah’s National Raceway, and Wallkill, New York’s Bronx Speedway. There is a possibility of the championship being held at Road Atlanta. The points leader in the series right now Bart Markel, who’s race name is “Glitter”, is encouraged by the enthusiasm that the fans have for the sport and considers himself a real role model for children.

Despite constant protests at tracks that host Warriorcross© races, Mainway simply states, “I’m only giving the fans what they want.” In the future, M.M.M. has decided to boycott all Warriorcross© coverage.


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