“Radical Jack”video56
Directed by James Bradley
Edgewood Studios 2000
92 minutes

by Tammy Wanchena

For the duration of my life, one fact has remained constant. I hate country music! With that being said, it is highly unlikely for me to recognize a country music star. But even I remember Billy Ray Cyrus and his retarded one hit wonder, “Achy Breakey Heart”. Well now to find he’s an actor, too. Boy, howdy, I tell you what! This was one video our readers needed to know about!

Billy Ray Cyrus is “Radical Jack” Reynolds, a former CIA operative who is sought out to stop an arms dealer from selling illegal air missiles. When he arrives in the two-bit hick town where the deal is supposed to go down, he finds a number of butt kicking rednecks with a grudge against strangers. And the number one bad ass in town, the arms dealer’s son, beats up women. So who does Jack fall in love with, but the son’s mistress. In his defense, she came on to him. That’s because Jack was still mourning his wife and daughter’s death. And who killed his wife and daughter? The man who was buying the missiles of course! It’s a small world after all.

When I said that Billy Ray Cyrus was an actor, I simply meant that he starred in the movie. I can honestly say that this film had the worst acting I have ever seen. If I’ve said that before about another film, I take it back now. There was not a single decent actor in this entire film. The fight scenes are all incredibly fakey and good for a laugh or two. Deedee Pfeiffer costarred. Is she related to Michelle Pfeiffer? She could use a couple pointers!

Of course country music tormented me throughout most of the film. And the only motorcycle in “Radical Jack” was a ridiculous thirty second chase scene where Billy Ray rides his Harley forty miles per hour down a dirt road than gets stopped by a super lame road block. A movie with a bigger budget might have hired a stunt man to jump or get around it. They could have used the stunt man to help coordinate the fight scenes! However any producer or director that would think Billy Ray Cyrus would be a big box office draw might not have a head for finance. Now I must take some Excedrin for my achy breaky head.



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