Treds –  12” Motorcycle Overboots

by Gus Breiland

With spring comes the every day threat of rain, slush, grime and just pain filth.  I love riding, but sometimes this crap really gets to me.  It is not so much the riding conditions themselves, but what these conditions do to your gear.

photo by Gus Breiland
photo by Gus Breiland

Last year I finally found some waterproof boots that I enjoy both riding in and walking around in once I get there.  Now I have a way to guarantee that those boots will survive the filthy salt spray that comes from the light rainy days of Minnesota’s spring.  I am not worried about the water proofing of my boots not working, but what the road salt and chemicals that MNDOT puts down all winter will do to those boots.  That stuff tends to not only eat motorcycle and auto parts but it tends to dry out my leather boots so I look and feel like the Wicked Witch after Dorothy drops a house on me.

The T.R.E.D.S 12” Overboot is a great piece of gear.  The one-piece construction pulls on with relative ease and snaps snugly around my shin.  They fit over hiking boots, riding boots, sneakers, dress shoes or even your bare feet.  This latex rubber boot stretches up to 800% its size and resists tearing.

Not only does it resist tearing but I could not force the issue either.  I tried tearing a sample of the material provided to MMM and also the boot itself.  The sample piece had a splice in it and after pulling on that splice, I could not increase the length of the cut.  I put 2 or 3 more cuts into the sample (not an easy task in itself) trying to find the grain of the rubber, but no dice.  This material returns to its original shape and tears do not increase in size at all.

The boot adds a bit of height to your toe for the shifter.  It is not a big deal, but it will change your spacing a bit.  Some will find that they have to adjust their shifter while others will just adjust their shifter foot.  I am the latter.

Not only is this a great addition to your riding gear but also your gardening gear, construction gear, or pushing your buddy’s boat off the shore gear.  The boots come in a box folded one over another and strapped with the same material.  Save the strap and throw the boots into your saddlebag on long rides.  When weather threatens, pull them out and pull ‘em on.  You will find that they take up little room and are quite valuable if you like dry feet.

T.R.E.D.S has a wide variety of boots that include the over the shoe, a 12” boot, 16” and even a 17” tall boot.  I have been using the 12” boot and if works just fine.  I slip them on, tuck them under my riding pants and my feet are dry from start to finish.  The 12” boots cost roughly $30 plus shipping.  I highly recommend grabbing a set for yourself, if not for gifts for your riding friends.  They may even invite you back to their house or forgive any past transgressions you my have been guilty of.

You can order your T.R.E.D.S directly from or 1-513-489-2283.  Otherwise if you have questions, email them at  Their sizing was right on for me.  I have a size 11-foot, so I ordered the 11-12 boot and it fit perfectly.  Since the boot stretches so much, the boot will adjust to your foot (stretching that is) rather than your foot having to adjust for the boot.


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