by Gus Breiland

I have a new nickname around the MMM office. It is the rude version of Gear Wench. Accessories are my vice and motorcycles feed said vice. With the addition of Stella the scooter, I have found a new reason to open gear catalogs.

You will remember that in issue #71 we reviewed a set of panniers for my motorcycle because the bike is a functional piece of gear74equipment that needs a way of carrying stuff. My scooter is no different. It may be the best damn form of transportation on surface streets, but a man’s got to be able to carry a case of Corona long necks and 2 Joey D’s chilidogs. Am I going to use a backpack for such an important task? With bottles clanking together and buns to protect, I don’t think so and I can’t believe you would even think of such a thing.

The Wolfman Rambler Mini-Tail Bag is made of black Cordura nylon with a large main compartment and 4 outer pockets, 3 on the sides and one on the lid. The bag measures up at 9″ long x 12-3/4″ wide and 11-1/2″ deep. With the pockets it adds up to 26 liters of space. Again, that is big enough for a beer run, returning movies or just the standard milk, eggs and bread trip. It is also big enough to grab that new alternator for your car thus justifying your scooter purchase to your better half as a parts runner and or shop vehicle. The bag has integrated bungee cords and a yoke on the back to help stabilize it on the rack. The bungee cords have large plastic hooks that can be stretched to the frame rails and the yoke is wrapped around a standing “U” shaped rail on the rack to keep if from sliding around. The bags bottom is made of Toughtek, which is non-slip and YKK zippers with heavy-duty pulls on all the zippers. The Wolfman Mini-Tail Bag has been designed to fit on your motorcycle as a tail pack either on the passenger seat or sissy bar.

This bag is perfect for turning your suddenly discovered “what ever is in the garage” scooter or motorcycle into a functional member of the grocery getter society. The outside pockets are used for riding essentials like a tire gauge, maps and lock set, while the inside can be used to hold your plumbing parts from the hardware store or change bucket for the poker game.

You can get your own Wolfman Mini-Tail Bag at The cost is $99.99 plus shipping. Otherwise give them a call at 1 800 535 8131. Get that commuter ready for the summer. Gas prices are going up and so is the temperature. You should be riding.



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