Roadgear Magnetic Tank Map Holdergear83_1a
and Sport Touring Tool Pouch

by Gus Breiland

Sometimes you just want to ride. Just riding means riding light. Maybe a camera in your pocket and a wallet for gas, but no camping gear, no briefcase, no rain clothes. Your bike is slick and smooth. There are no racks of garbage or cases of excess; your afternoon is speed, corners, and no particular destination other than home.

The Roadgear Magnetic Tank Map Holder is ideal for this day. You need a place to put your directions or map but, you don’t want to have that massive tank bag you have for touring in-between you and your machine. With 4 magnets to positively affix the Map Holder to your tank, a clear top, and Velcro to hold in your map, this sleeve will become your commuting best friend, much less your day trip companion.

I know where I work, I know where I live, but every once in a while I need to explore off the beaten path between point A and B. Instead of memorizing those directions, I rip off a piece of paper and place it in my Map Holder to find my way. (MMM suggests the Hit The Road article in this issue.)

gear83_1bThe underside of the map holder is made of anti-skid Toughtek® base that will protect your paint and the magnets are 2.5”-diameter polarized magnets shaped to resist cutting through the bottom, and steel capped to prevent magnetically sensitive items in the map holder from being accidentally erased. It sticks like glue but easily is pulled aside to fill the tank.

Another item from Roadgear for your list of spring purchases is their Sport Touring Tool Pouch. Constructed of DuPont 1000 Denier Cordura Plus, these pouches provide strength and durability both inside and out. Their roll includes a variety of different pouches for different sized tools and repair items. A hook and loop pouch for smaller items and sockets, and a can pocket (chain lube, Fix-a-Flat®, etc.) plus a large, rag pocket.

Customize your roadside assistance into one small tiddy role that will fit into that empty space in your pannier, or that little extra room you have in your tank bag. The bag is coated on the inside to help resist moisture.

The Pouch is rolled up and cinched down by 2 plastic clips on long straps. What I like about this pouch is that it gives you the ability to steal tools from your old man’s tool chest and customize the kit according to the quirks of your bike and how you travel.

You can order your Roadgear Magnetic Tank Map Holder and Roadgear Sport Touring Tool Pouch at in a variety of colors. The Tank Map Holder costs 35.90 and the Sport Touring Tool Pouch costs 25.90. Roadgear also carries a full 10-year warranty on both items.


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