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by Sev Pearman

Why do you ride a motorcycle? All of us have tried to articulate what it is that draws us to motorcycling. The challenge is that words fail us. Author, Garri Garripoli, blends his understanding of Taoism with his passion for riding in an attempt to illustrate a response.

Mr. Garripoli is a lifelong Harley enthusiast and writer by trade. He has written articles, books and scripts for both television and film. He is the director of a PBS documentary on Qigong (Chee-gung) the ancient Chinese healing practice. He has traveled extensively in China including a two-year residency. In Tao of the Ride he applies Eastern thought toward the question of why we ride.

In Tao of the Ride, Mr. Garripoli combines his interests in Eastern philosophy and healing with his passion for riding. The book is broken into two halves. In the first, he examines fear, karma and (our) senses and how they relate to riding. How are perception and attitude linked? Why are you responsible for your attitude? The second half is a collection of answers penned by long-time riders to the question, “What is it about riding your motorcycle that feeds your soul, and how does it help you cope with the rest of your life?”

This application of Eastern beliefs toward riding is enlightening. Mr. Garripoli explains how the Tao rewards personal responsibility and accountability. Some readers will be unwilling to accept this non-Western approach and this book is not for them. If, however you are open-minded and are willing to look at yourself and your beliefs you may find Tao of the Ride thought-provoking and worthwhile. We recommend Tao of the Ride to our enlightened readers with two-and-a half out of four cylinders.

Non-rider – Rider testimonies help you comprehend why we ride.

Week-ender – Read this and take your riding to the next level.

High-miler – Can you see yourself in these words?

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