by Gus Breiland

What is the number one problem for all outlaw bikers who like a little protection while riding; instead of just assless chaps, oddly matching leather vests, and captains hats? That’s right, quick access to your Glock.

Most riding gear is lacking in quick access to your ankle, waist or underarm sling holsters. Your tank bag isn’t the best place either as you can walk away from your gat while at the filling station and end up too far away when in need.

In comes the Aerostich Armory Equalizer. This simple holster easily mounts to the strap of your Aerostich Courier Bag. The holster is available for Glock, Colt 1911, and Smith and Wesson Revolver models. Made in the USA, it uses only the finest Cordura exterior, hook and loop closures and felt lining to protect that nickel plating.

Mounted on a pivot with a spring loaded stop, the holster can be mounted in any direction, right handed, left handed, upside down…360 degrees of rotation / freedom. Oversized straps and a spring loaded locking pivot pin allow easy use even with riding gloves.

I have been riding with mine for a couple of years and have found it to be quite useful while merging. It is amazingly effective in providing greater follow distances. Wave your piece in the air and all of a sudden a magical pocket of space forms around you. Usually it is about 500 feet in all directions. You might be lucky and get a police escort to follow you all the way home. Don’t pull over, they are just serving and protecting you. If you think Loud Pipes Save Lives, you should see what happens when the sun reflects off your high-polished chrome 1911. And that chrome stays shiny, even with repeated quick draws and re-holstering due to the felt interior.

Be aware that this is not a waterproof product. If you get caught out in the rain, be sure to don the included holster cover that looks like a miniature shower cap for your pistol.

While typically skeptical of new products on the market, the Aerostich Armory Equalizer has this reviewer singing its praise right out of the box. I never forget my Courier Bag now and I have never felt safer on the road. Aerostich Armory does have a wussy disclaimer about carry laws, permits, no responsibility yadda yadda yadda…we lost interest while reading it and I believe someone shouted “we don’t need no stinking rules!”

Clip holsters for the strap of the Courier bag are being developed and will be on store shelves in time for Christmas ’07 allowing you more shots per mile.

You can get your Aerostich Armory Equalizer by going to and typing in “walnut” on the search box. Holsters range from $76-$125. Online sales only, no phone orders will be taken. Group discounts available, as is custom monogramming for up to 3 color logo applications. Nothing says brotherhood like a six-gun on your chest with matching skull and crossbones embroidery.

Aerostich Armory, MMM and Switzerland take no responsibility for the use and or operation of any or all equipment either stated or implied. Shoot responsibly.


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