Aerostich Roadkilt

by Gus Breiland

It takes a certain type of human to ride a motorcycle. A certain breed to feel the road tremble mile after mile under the roar of a V-twin. A certain animal to grin and take a bug to the teeth, the sun shining in your chrome, the wind blowing through your hair…down there. That is right, it takes a certain biker to ride a motorcycle in the new Aerostich RoadKilt®.

Aerostich has release a new garment for the road savvy rider. The RoadKilt® is Aerostichs’s answer to a statement that has yet to be stated: “I need a pair or riding pants that aren’t really pants.” The gear101_2
RoadKilt® is waterproof in the right wind, wind proof standing still, and will get you noticed faster than chrome, loud pipes and a string bikini on your missus of 35 years and 13 children.

Based on the kilt design worn by Highland Scots, Aerostich adapted it for road going use. The original prototypes closely resembled the full battle gowns worn by William Wallace and his men at the battle of Sterling Bridge. But testing showed these to be too long, the edges often getting caught in open primaries and chain drives. The RoadKilt® was then redesigned into its current dimensions.

The RoadKilt® is a 5-yard wrap held up by a Generous Motors Belt (Aerostich Item 1804) and your own chutzpa. There are plenty of pockets with 2 concealed, perfect for your wallet, Ipod and keys. The RoadKilt® is a riding garment like no other and shouts “I don’t need colors when I have my Tartan on!”

Handmade by Aerostich’s Isle of Mann staff, the RoadKilt® is made of 500 Denier Cordura for the absolute in abrasion resistance, as long as you are sliding forward, head first. 3M reflective materials are stitched down the sides of the RoadKilt® and trim the top and bottom to give off a reflective lamp shade affect while standing under a street light. The Cordura fabric is robust enough to withstand a 25-mile an hour breeze, and is machine washable.

The RoadKilt® is also cut to ensure it will not blow up into your face or get caught in your chain. Undergarments are required in most states, except for California and most of Massachusetts. Undergarments are sold separately.

Iron Butt rally winner and proud son of Minnesota, Marty Leir, has done nothing but praise the new RoadKilt® for its’ function and style. “I can’t believe how much freedom in movement I have and how easy it is to do numbers 1 and 2 on the side of the road while I am in rally mode.” He continued with “I don’t even have to stop for a shower! A quick wipe-down from the towelette that came in my bucket of chicken and I am back on the road. I don’t need to worry about moisture or smart fabrics to wick away offending condensation. RoadKilt® naturally and quickly dries my saddle.”

The Aerostich RoadKilt® is available in Hi-Viz, Winter Camo for the stuntas and traditional Red Tartan. Sizes M-XXXL. $497.95

A matching sporran is currently being developed and should be available for marching season, along with a hydration system that maximizes the ample space under your RoadKilt®. Aerostich RoadKilt® – It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.


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