by Paul Berglund


The fastest way to damage your helmet visor is to clean it with the gas station “Squeegee of Death.” These are more abrasive than the Fran Drescher/Gilbert Gottfried wedding.

Spongee is a convenient tool for cleaning your helmet visor. Made by Baas in Germany, it is a black plastic box with both a sponge and squeegee on its multi-function, removable lid. When closed, the sponge soaks in the cleaning liquid of your choice. To use Spongee, you remove the lid, clean your face shield with the sponge, then wipe it clean with the squeegee.

Spongee includes a no-slip pad and zip ties for attaching to a tubular handle bar and double stick tape for attaching to a flat surface. You simply mount Spongee in a convenient place to reach while seated on your motorcycle. You can now clean your face shield whenever you come to a stop. And stop you must. The warning label is in both English and German. It warns, “Don’t use while driving!” and “Nicht wahrend der Fahrt!”

You will want to be stopped when you use Spongee. While effective, it is somewhat awkward to use. A clean face shield can only enhance your safety and enjoyment when riding your motorcycle and Spongee can do that. But beware: Spongee may not enhance the look of your bike. If you have a sleek, modern bike, Spongee will stand out with its industrial, utilitarian look. If you’re riding a KLR with a milk crate bungeed to the luggage rack, then Spongee will class up your ride. Whatever you’re riding, next time a cell phone-using car driver wanders into your lane, just read the lid and shout, “Nicht wahrend der Fahrt!”

Spongee retails for $14.99 and is available from Riders Resource, LLC, a St. Paul-based motorcycle parts importer/distributor. Contact sales@theridersresource.com or call 612.670.7402.


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