BMW Motorrad Announces New Innovation in Security, Maintenance and Rider Experience:The Slide and Ride Ignition System

by Giles Dunbar

BMW Motorrad is proud to announce a new advancement in motorcycle service and security. The Slide and Ride Ignition System is the latest concept in customer service and care. Rather than clutter your drawer with yet another key, BMW can now key your motorcycle to your credit card and our patented card keys.

BMW’s relentless focus on security, safety and customer satisfaction has created this ground-breaking secure ignition system. Every time you swipe one of our pre-programmed card keys, the onboard computer system compiles a diagnostic of your motorcycle that can be downloaded by your dealer. But what if you don’t want to wait for your dealer to download your information? This is where our new Slide and Ride technology offers you unprecedented customer service.gear119

The onboard computer can also use WiFi hot spots to upload your information to the BMW Motorrad Vehicle Data Server (BMWMVDS). When you are using your BMW as a commuter, every time you start your bike your service information is being updated. While on the road, the central BMWMVDS can be accessed by the nearest BMW dealer to provide you journey support to get you to your destination and back home safely.

The Slide and Ride system also communicates with the BMWMVDS to schedule upcoming warranty service appointments and standard service intervals. The Slide and Ride Ignition System will take direct payment from your major credit card to get parts on order so your appointments are on time. This gives you direct access to your most powerful tool in your kit, your credit card. Apply now for your BMW Motorrad credit card for discounts on service and other benefits only available with our BMW credit card. If you are concerned about your credit card information, the Slide and Ride Ignition System uses the latest cryptography technology and secure data transfer to ensure your financial records stay safe while keeping your travels safe too.

How do you know your service had been scheduled? The Slide and Ride Ignition System will send you an email with the scheduled date and expected service items. You can request for a change in dates and service to be fulfilled by either phone or email with your favorite BMW dealer. A “service” reminder will be turned on and displayed on your cockpit data screen when the time is near, usually about seven days out.

So what will this new service cost? Nothing. We are so confident in this latest system that we don’t want you to have to pay for your added security and confidence in BMW Motorcycles. This system allows you better access to your dealer. It gives your dealer better solutions for scheduling. It gives BMW better opportunity for customer care and support. Everyone wins with the Slide and Ride Ignition System.

So what have you gained? On-the-road data collection and service history. On-the-road scheduling for both standard and warranty service. On-the-road parts ordering. What does all of this advancement and technology mean to you? More time “On the road”.


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