by Molly Gilbert

PRODUCT: Tow-ster

MSRP: $395.00 plus shipping & handling

VERDICT: When I saw a video of the Tow-ster in action, operated by a single person, I thought ‘what a cool gadget for a gal to have tucked away in her garage!’. Weighing all of 38 lbs., this appeared to be a small, convenient package to have if photo by Molly Gilbertinfrequently in need of towing a motorbike.

Aside from once meeting the repeated requirement of having to start an old Datsun 280Z with a long screwdriver in the 1980s, I don’t believe I have a mechanical bone in my body.

The website shows them hauling a BMW1150R, a Triumph Speed Triple and a scooter. So, I figured, it should be able to handle my Yamaha FZ 1000.  And, after some time – and a little help from fellow MMM scribe Sev Pearman – it did.

Initially, I was worried silly that my bike was going to end up falling off and being damaged or dented in some way because, well, the whole contraption seemed pretty … flimsy. I never felt quite confident with it pulling my pride & joy, but it is amazingly nimble & smooth on turns and over bumps. If your bike is broken down at the side of a road or you simply want to haul it to a track, the Tow-ster may be of interest.

CONTACT: Tow-ster; 1-800-903-1750;



  1. No engine running and the drive chain still attached means your output shaft bearing is spinning at full speed with no oil lubrication. That may be fine at slow speed for very limited distance but for anything like hiway speeds and miles forget it.

    1. On most bikes with the transmission and the engine as one piece, the transmission is bathed in the engine’s oil regardless of the engine running or not.

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