Dear MMM,

I read Thomas Day’s Geezer with a Grudge column “Being Customer Hostile” last month and was surprised by his lack of understanding of the sport of Observed Trials. For someone as “experienced” as Thomas his whining about having to walk to a section, read a map, or needing to have a basic understanding of the competition he was watching was both funny (in a sad way) and another example of his apparently faltering mind.

In previous columns Thomas has bemoaned the laziness of the American rider, but now the one time he’s asked to walk as a spectator he is outraged. He thinks the rules and set up of the events is designed to make it intentionally difficult for spectators, but offers no evidence of that other than his poor understanding of the sport. And then he descends into one complaint after another for some undecipherable reason. His sweeping generalizations about the sport, the riders, and the spectators only reveals his ignorance.

I ask the question, why is Thomas really mad at Trials? Is he intimidated by a sport he isn’t competing in? Is he looking to pick a fight with the most obscure group of riders he can find so he can act tough, but doesn’t get buried in hate mail? Or is he just trolling because he knows the publisher of MMM is a long time trials rider?

Victor Wanchena

Concerned Reader

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