Book review by Sev Pearman

Pocket Refbook44
by Thomas J. Glover
544 pages, $10.95
Sequoia Publishing, Copyright 1999

MMM is about to let you in on a secret: Pocket Ref is one sweet book. It is part encyclopedia, part trivia tome, part entertainment and part dispute-solver. Buried in the various tables and charts are tons of data and facts to aid the rider, roadside mechanic or budding MacGyver.

Let’s say you are riding in Colorado, and want to know how much to re-jet. You simply go to the chapter on air & gases (p. 13) and learn that air pressure @ 10,000 ft is approx. 70% of mean standard air pressure.

Lose your owner’s manual? In Chapter 2 (p. 25) you can find a torque level to safely reinstall 12mm spark plugs in an aluminum head (18-22 ft-lbs.) Settle that tavern bet over the codes on your tire sidewalls (p. 31)

Wondering how thick the wire should be to run your new electric vest? Look in Chapter 6.

What do you suppose the weather is like in Maine in September? Will you need warm weather gear? (p. 162)

This book has everything. Wind Chill tables, Heat Index data, an entire chapter that cross-references SAE, Metric and even Whitworth hardware. Listings of those formulas you’ve forgotten from High School.

Several Chapters apply to the off-season mechanic or machinist. Drill sizing; counter-sinking; metal properties & hardness; welding data and taps and dies. Granted there are more complete machining books, but if you are at the store and are blanking on a spec, the Pocket Ref may save you a return trip.

Oh sure, you can get most of this information off of the internet. But out in Hooterville at O-dark-thirty, you may be able to find your answer before your alpha-geek friend has even accessed the ‘net.

Author Thomas Glover has compiled tons of data onto 544 pages into this little, 5 1/4″ X 3 1/4″ book. Tankbag?!? Hell – this thing fits into your jacket! Available from better hardware stores, booksellers or the publisher.

Casual Reader–You could live without this, but why would you want to?

Gear Head–Serious “geek-credit” earned when you deploy this little gem.

Serious Ride–Has scores of uses directly applicable to motorcycling. A no-brainer.


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