by Dan Hartman

Midsummer and it’s hot and dry in Minnesota. Sounds good to me. Perfect riding weather in the upper Midwest. I always get a little depressed knowing its not going to last forever. If you haven’t been riding because of other commitments. It’s time to ride. Get out there now. There’s no better time.

August is here and that means the long rides of the summer, I’m going West into the mountains and then back to the Black Hills for the Sturgis Rally. It’s the last of the century and it should be a great show. If you can make it you should get there. I’m taking my niece with me this year. I hope she has a good time on the road. Drop us a line about your travels. We would love to hear from you.

M.M.M. is going through some soul searching to find out were we want to be in the future to better serve you the reader. We hired a facilitator and talked about the direction of M.M.M. for the next year. The first thing we decided was to do a reader survey for your input. When you see it this fall please take the time to fill it out. It will help us set the direction of the paper.

We have also hired a new salesperson who will open new advertising markets for us. We need this to grow. If we stop growing, the paper will go away. The more pages to the newspaper, the more articles we can publish for you to read.

Last month I wrote about helmets and the need to wear them when you ride. I thought I would hear from many of you telling me I was wrong, but I heard from no one. What’s up out there. I see many riders out on the road without them. Minnesota nice only goes so far. If you disagree with me drop me a line. My e-mail address is wdhart@aol.com and I’m looking forward hearing from you. If you can’t remember the “From the Hip” article from last issue, look it up on our web page, www.motorbyte.com

Have fun riding the rest of the summer. Ride safe and be free.


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