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Gear review by Gus Breiland

Pervert!” she yelled as the back of her hand connected with my face. All I said was “Do you wanna see my Mr. Happy?”

I realize this space is reserved for a gear review that judging by the back of “biker” magazines should be telling you the benefits of leather mini-skirts, leather halter tops, tassels, and pretty much anything chromed. But this month we are going to consider something a little less tangible, your ‘tude.

Attitude can make or break anything in your life. If you show up to the campground thinking you’re a “Bad Ass” biker, be expected to be treated as such. In most cases that means you will be made fun of by more rational people who have better things to do than be a tool.

If you show up and immediately whip out Mr. Happy, you are going to be the talk of the party. Most people will see you have a sense of humor and girls / guys (depending on which way you sail) will think you’re confident with the ability to laugh at yourself. I mean come on; Mr. Happy is only 8 inches tall, hardly a manly symbol by anyone’s standards.gear51

I first came across Mr. Happy in the new Aerostich catalogue this spring and quickly surmised that everyone should have a Mr. Happy. The world would be a better place if we would all let our Mr. Happys run free and frolic together. Between the covers of the ‘stich catalogue are hundreds of items not only designed to keep you warm, dry and generally comfortable on the bike as well as off. Part of that enjoyment is the ability to get off of the bike and not be a complete prick after a long day in the saddle. The members of your riding group will be very pleased to see you play with your Mr. Happy around the campfire. Heck, they may even sit through your same old “…and then I had to lay her down…” story in anticipation of your Mr. Happy being passed around for all to play with.

I like challenging other peoples Mr. Happy to a tug of war!

You can pick up a Mr. Happy on your next order from Aerostich for only $5.00 plus s/h. That is cheaper than any other rates I have seen on the street. Each has a little different characteristic, “no one alike”. Which means it will go nicely with that one off custom your cruising on.

So far, every time I have whipped out my Mr. Happy, all who have witnessed it have come back wanting more. Of course, some of the more shallow people could care less about the human being attached to Mr. Happy and would like it even if it were not mine, but I don’t care. If they have a smile on their face, I know I have left a good impression and most likely I will be invited back next time I am on the road.

Most common statements heard after you have shown off your Mr. Happy:

  • Why does your Mr. Happy only have one eye?
  • You should really wash your Mr. Happy!
  • Can little Timmy play with your Mr. Happy?
  • My wife likes your Mr. Happy better than mine.


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