by Gus Breiland

Why won’t this damn thing start?” I think to myself. “Neutral, Clutch, Key, Button.” I’m flustered; I don’t know what happened, this is not the best place to be on the side of the road. I have crashed, I am back upright and the damn thing won’t start. “Duh! The kill switch. I had to use the kill switch.” Vroooomm! “Check mirror, starting to roll and I am off. Well, there is 2 minutes of my life I won’t get back.”

There have been many stories written in the form of battle with the cagers and danger cold/hot/Volvos/writers, but this was my fault. I went down and it was because I was inattentive and I wasn’t doing my primary job, controlling the bike.

gear87I have been wearing my Aerostich Roadcrafter pants with the Bib conversion for about 6 years now. Time has passed and we are both older and used to each other. With no arguments that I can remember, we have gone about our daily commuting and yearly rides in simple coexistence, waiting for something to happen. I have ridden through rain and the Roadcrafter pants have kept me dry. I have ridden through snow and they have kept me warm. I have sweated my rear end off in the heat of summer, but ultimately they have been there as functional gear, waiting to protect me from myself or others who are trying to do me harm.

In this case it was myself. After sliding for about 30 feet, I sat up and took account of my surroundings. I was not in pain. My toes wiggled, my fingers flexed, and my ego was bruised. The bike is running on its side (kill switch) and there is some plastic over here which used to be my windscreen and is now road debris. I picked up the bike and there were some scratches, but nothing that wouldn’t buff out. My jacket (of a different brand) was scratched with a hole it, but my Aerostich Roadcrafter pants are scuffed. I slid on my right forearm, elbow and knee, but the Roadcrafter pants did not hole. The Roadcrafter had accepted the road rash that would have been my knee had it been khakis or jeans. They did their job, I picked up the bike, I road into work and rode home. They helped me and that is why I wear them day in and day out. They are functional protection and they work very well.

I used to wear the Aerostich Roadcrafter pants because I liked the way they fit. They slid over my work clothes easily and allowed me to layer underneath in the cool riding season. Now I ride in them because they work, and because they fit.

Made of 500 Denier Gortex / Cordura Nylon, they are water resistant, wear resistant and have armor in the knees. I use the Bib conversion so that I can wear the pants with my Aerostich Darien jacket instead of the Roadcrafter jacket. My preference; you decide for yourself. The only flaw I have found with the Roadcrafter pants happens during torrential rain when you don’t have any control over being wet. The fly can leak, but during my 6 years of use, I have had this happen 3 times. All while either on the road on vacation, or coming home from work. At that point, I can look like I peed my pants.

I recommend the Aerostich Roadcrafter pants. Not just because I like how they fit, but because I know they work. I crashed, I went to work, I went home. Simple, functional protection. Your Aerostich Roadcrafter pants are available with a short trip to Duluth Minnesota or The pants are $387 and the Bib conversion is another $57. They are available in Blue, Black, Red, Grey and Hi-Viz Yellow. What are you waiting for? Protect yourself; your skin will thank you.


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