Stylmartin Legend R Touring Boots

by David Samborski

For those of you who read my “From The Hip Column” (MMM #129), you already know about my affinity for boots. For those of you who didn’t read it, let’s just say I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair of riding boots.

First off, the Stylmartin Legend R Touring Boots are the first over-the-calf boots in the past twenty years that I’ve been able to get on my feet. I have high arches and big calves and the older I get the less patience I have with putting on footwear. I’m sure velcro fasteners are somewhere in my future.

I found these boots to be extremely well made with very little break-in required. They have a sole-to-calf zipper on the inside which makes them really easy to get on and off. The adjustable arch and calf strap allow for a snug and comfortable fit. There is also subtle, built-in protection for the ankle. They have an oil-resistent, long-wearing sole that appears, based on my limited knowledge, to be replaceable.

One of my first rules in ridng footwear is that I need to be able to spend all day in them. I go to rallys and bike events all the time and I don’t want to have to bring a pair of sneakers or flip-flops with me so my feet are comfortable. I was able to comfortably spend all day in these boots. From long stretches on the bike to long walks they never got uncomfortable.

These boots are sold as waterproof which in my experience has meant my feet are going to sweat. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case. While they were warmer than my mesh non-waterproof boots, they were never unbearably hot. They have a Antex membrane that keeps water out while allowing your feet to breath. I didn’t do the bathtub full of water test on these boots but I did wear them in some heavy rain and my feet were kept dry.

I’m not one to be all that concerned about how I look and I certainly don’t have any great fashion sense, but people actually commented on how nice these boots looked. The comments I normally get about my footwear usually have something to do with how weird it is. The one thing I noticed almost immediately is how easily these scuffed. It didn’t bother me, because the scuffs had no effect on the integrity of the leather. I went to the Stylmartin website and they explained this as a way to give them a more vintage look. This satisfied my curiosity. I figure Italian footwear designers know more about this stuff than I do.

Stylmartin as a company has been a part of the motorcycle world since 1979. They have supported leading motorcycle racers worldwide. Champions such as Angel Nieto, Jorge “Aspar” Martinez, Eddie Lawson, John Kocinsky and Trampas Parker.

They have an extensive line of footwear. From leisure and touring to off-road and racing, they’ve got your feet covered.

If you’re tired of the usual brands available in the stores around town and you’re looking for something different, check these out. The cost for the Legend R is about $300. I thought this was really competitive compared to similar options in this style.

While Stylmartin is huge in Europe, I had never seen their stuff here. That’s because no one in the U.S. was selling it.

Currently, the only place in the United States that you can try these boots on before you buy them is at Moto & Co. in Minneapolis. The store is located at 515 West Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Call them at 612.825.6719 or on the web at


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