I’m not in the habit of writing to voice my opinion, but today I am making and exception. I was deeply disappointed with the editorial by Bruce Mike. It contained  what I considered to be the ill informed and ignorant ramblings of a self-centered and immature individual.

I have read your publication for many years, and have recommended it to many fellow bike riders. Your staff has always written with a depth and appreciation of the world of motorcycling, obviously drawn from years of experience. It’s because of that history I find it hard to understand how they could put such an individual into the position of editor!

Today’s bikes are engineered to be used with a specific exhaust system designed to give them the best performance. Alterations to the stock exhaust usually results in a loss of power not an increase. Loud pipes speak loudly of their owners lack of consideration for the general public and fellow riders. Try talking with the homeowners and shop merchants who live and work along highway 35 in WI. They will gladly tell you what they think of those patriots on loud bikes! You do have rights as an American but not at the expense of everyone else who chooses to follow the laws. Laws which were written to deal with people who don’t have the common sense required to act responsibly. I’ve ridden motorcycle for 45 years and I’ve had the misfortune of seeing your type many times throughout the years, its always the same routine. Make as much noise as possible, wear your little costumes so you look like a biker, always park where you will be seen. You all seem to need attention, much like the kids who attached cardboard to their bike spokes so they made lots of noise, only they grew out of it! I applaud the fact you do not wear a helmet it may prevent you from producing kids some day!

Terry Lee – via email



Thank you for your letter. I am glad you took the time to express your feelings on the subject. As a long time reader of MMM, I know that we are not myopic in our viewpoint. We work to be a well-rounded publication and that includes hearing all riders. Because of that, I support Bruce Mike, as Managing Editor, in his position to write and publish his column. His point of view on the issue of motorcycles and noise is one of many and his position opens up the debate in a public forum among motorcyclists. He may not represent your position, but he does reflect the sentiment of many riders.

I hope you continue to read MMM, but understand if you don’t. MMM is committed to a part of the discussion of the broader issues that effect motorcycling and hope you will continue to be a part as well.


— Victor Wanchena
Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly



I am a “Luddite” in so much as technology should be working for me, not the reverse. The family insisted on a cell phone for emergencies. Got a computer to coordinate social events, no one uses the phone for that. Didn’t get either until three years ago. The phone has turned mishaps from an all day diversion to an hour detour. Facebook has me spending 4 or 5 times as much of my free time w/ friends. But GPS for a ride, depth finder for fishing, ATV for hunting…no. Innate sense and one foot in front of the other gets me feeling alive.

David – comments page on the website


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