by Kevin Kocur

Let’s Scoot Down To The Movies

On the last Tuesday in June, 40 scooters left Minneapolis’ Scooterville for a group ride to a special preview of the movie Larry Crowne. Bob Hedstrom, of Scooterville, had procured free tickets for all of the riders and the theater was completely packed. Personally, I was anticipating the scooter scenes and the movie didn’t disappoint there. Still, Larry Crowne is not a bad flick and it was a great night to be on two wheels. After the movie finished, many of the scooterists took off for parts unknown, while the Tuesday Night Ride group headed out to finish their…Tuesday Night Ride. It should 132_Scooteringcome as no surprise that the Heck’s Angels immediately found the nearest Dairy Queen (I had a hot fudge sundae, in case anyone’s interested). The event was also attended by all the local moto-media heavyweights, including MMM’s very own Susan Starr and David Harrington, representing and Twin City Riders. As for scooters, there was a wide variety to be found on the top level of the Southdale parking ramp, including vintage and modern shifters, as well as all types of modern twisties. Even a couple of Yamaha Rivas showed up, which would have made ol’ Larry Crowne proud. Like I said, not a bad movie and one that would probably make a good date flick–which could be made even better by scooting to the theater….


The Scottish have brought us some lovely things (Karen Gillan) and some things not so lovely (haggis).

Now Vivo Scooters, in Edinburgh, is offering kits to turn your P-series Vespa or Genuine Stella–long considered, by many, to be the ugly ducklings of the Vespa world—into a lovely swan. The kits, which are mostly metal, replace much of the traditional P-only squarish bits like the side cowls, horncast, front fender and more. Kits cost £650 for unpainted, or £950 for painted. One can also order individual pieces, as well. For more info, or to look at some of the before and after shots, visit

Lambretta is back, Part XXIX

Yes, Virginia, there is a new Lambretta coming to market that could be available soon, but only if you live in Europe. The Lambretta LN125 was recently unveiled in Paris and follows the classic Lambretta lines that many of us are familiar with, but features a modern drivetrain lifted from the SYM Fiddle II.

No word yet on when/if its coming to the U.S..


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