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October 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — Exploring the Alphabet Roads


Commonly referred to as the Western Upland portion of the state, southwestern Wisconsin’s landscape is marked by deep gorges and steep bluffs cut into the landscape by the Mississippi River and numerous tributaries, thick forest and green bottomland valleys. It is the most rugged topography in the state.

The Mississippi river gorge in this area has a length of more than 200 miles, extending from Prescott to southwestern Grant County, with the river incised more than 500 feet below the level of the upland ridges. Beyond those ridges to the east are valleys that are one to 6.5 miles wide and increase in depth to the south.

September 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — St. Peter to Faribault Loop


By Guido Ebert


This ride – bordered by the Minnesota River to the west and I-35 in the east – carves through the Southern Minnesota Lakes Region, previously known as the Big Woods. Your route will take you between farmland, across the meandering Cannon River and past numerous lakes, parks and wildlife management areas.

August 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — Detroit, Otter Tail & Pelican Lakes Loop


By Guido Ebert


Detroit Lakes, located approx. 205 miles northwest of the Twin Cities and 40 minutes east of Fargo, boasts more than 400 lakes within a 25 miles radius. This is a 100-mile excursion. Discover the “412 lakes” region as you roll past lakeside stops from rustic to modern, between fields of beans and corn, and through hardwood forest.

August 2015 — Collector’s Corner — Meeting Chip Miller


By Ben Goebel

MMM: How old were you when you got your first bike?

Chip Miller: 17 and it was 1968.

MMM: What was your first bike?

July 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — The Northern Triangle Ride

167TriangleimageBy Guido Ebert


Work your way up Minnesota’s spectacular Lake Superior North Shore, past numerous rivers and waterfalls, state parks and the Superior National Forest. Once in Ontario, you’ll see thick boreal forests, lakes and bogland spreading across valleys between hills. The density of residences surrounding the highway rapidly decreases as you travel westward out of Thunder Bay.

June 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — Ely And The Echo Trail

ElyDirectionsBy Guido Ebert



Scenic attractions include views of the rolling Northwoods forest, lakes, wetlands, rivers, stands of wild berries and wildflowers, and granite outcroppings.


Road quality varies along the route, changing from smooth to broken two-lane blacktop to gravel road with soft shoulders. Watch for slow-moving vacationers, fast-moving logging trucks and an abundance of wildlife.


The nearest motorcycle service shops include LaBarge’s Used Motorcycle Parts in Hibbing, Dave’s Sales & Service in Hibbing and Five Seasons Sports Center in Eveleth.

May 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — TriState River Ride

165_MotorcyclingInMN copy


This ride within the Mississippi River’s Bluff Country is marked by the river and its many tributaries and associated wetlands, scenic valleys of temperate deciduous forest, pronounced limestone and dolomite peaks, bluff-top dairy farms and horse ranches, and riverside communities.


April 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — Leech Lake Loop

164_MotorMNDISTANCE: 180 miles

Time: 3 hours, 48 minutes


In Menahga, MN, leave the Cottage House Café on Cedar Ave. and turn right (east) onto 1st NE/CR21/Twin Lakes Rd. Travel 5.4 miles to CR6. Turn left (north) and follow 2.5 miles to MN-87E. Turn right (east) and travel 6 miles to CR13. Turn left (north) and travel 10 miles to MN-34E. Turn right (east) and ride 16.4 miles to MN-371 in Walker. Turn left (north) and travel 20.6 miles to US-2E in Cass Lake. Turn right (east) and ride 18.6 miles to CR8 in Bena. Turn right (south) and follow this through Federal Dam (7.4 miles) straight onto MN-84S (21.8 miles) to Longville (26.4 miles). Continue along MN-84S for 14 miles. Turn left (west) to continue on MN-84S for 10.8 miles to Pine River. Turn right (north) on MN-371N and travel 7 miles to MN-87W. Turn left (west) and travel 14.1 miles. Turn left (west) to continue on MN-87W. Travel 14.6 miles to CR6. Turn left (south) and continue on Twin Lakes Rd. to Menahga.

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