May 2016 — How-To Tip — Black Plastic Restoration

174_BlackPlasticRestoreBy David Harrington

If you ride your motorcycle/scooter/moped for transportation on a regular basis you’ve likely noticed some fade to the appearance of your machine. Though I usually have my two-wheelers in the garage at home, they often sit out in the sun at various destinations, including my office. I keep the shiny bits waxed and I believe this protection helps prevent oxidation and other damage to appearance. When it comes to the flat black “interior” panels on my scooters, the damage is more obvious and not as easy to prevent. Read more

Winter 2015 — Minnesota Rider — Meeting Beth Miller

By B.P. Goebel171_BenGoebel_BethMiller

MMM: What’s your job?

Miller: Chief Pit Grid Steward for MotoAmerica (the series previously run as AMA Road Racing). I’m responsible for the pit lane area during practice and qualifying, as well as coordinating the starts of the race.

MMM: How old were you when you got your first bike?

Miller: I was 21.

MMM: What was it?

Miller: I learned to ride on a Bridgestone 350 and my first bike was a V-50 Moto Guzzi. Read more

October 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — Exploring the Alphabet Roads


Commonly referred to as the Western Upland portion of the state, southwestern Wisconsin’s landscape is marked by deep gorges and steep bluffs cut into the landscape by the Mississippi River and numerous tributaries, thick forest and green bottomland valleys. It is the most rugged topography in the state.

The Mississippi river gorge in this area has a length of more than 200 miles, extending from Prescott to southwestern Grant County, with the river incised more than 500 feet below the level of the upland ridges. Beyond those ridges to the east are valleys that are one to 6.5 miles wide and increase in depth to the south. Read more

September 2015 — Motorcycling In Minnesota — St. Peter to Faribault Loop


By Guido Ebert


This ride – bordered by the Minnesota River to the west and I-35 in the east – carves through the Southern Minnesota Lakes Region, previously known as the Big Woods. Your route will take you between farmland, across the meandering Cannon River and past numerous lakes, parks and wildlife management areas. Read more

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