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What’s the forecast? Another foot of snow? We’re hardy folk here right? Wrong. Winter is hard on everyone, but it is especially brutal for cyclists. Our motorcycles just sit in garages, and winter is only half over. Every day, I wish I were somewhere south riding to anywhere warmer. We could cry in our beers over the mountains of snow and the below zero temps, but we must be strong. We have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. There are many ways to beat the winter blues. It’s important to be positive about this Minnesota weather.

Things To Do in Minnesota When It’s Cold:

Ice Racing Yes, you heard me right. Sounds nutty, huh? These wild and crazy folks race motorcycles on frozen lakes with studded tires. It’s dirt track racing on the rocks…with a twist.

Plan Summer Trips and Events Where are you going during the 1997 riding season? Don’t let the cold stop you from dreaming. Make your hotel arrangements or reserve your campground now. Visit the map store to plan your route. Mark your calendars for the Minnesota 1000 and the First Annual Mega Rally in LaCrosse this June. These plans will keep you warm.

Take a Winter Motorcycle Vacation “Bike Week” in Daytona is the first week of March. Races, rides and life on the beach. That’s what it’s all about. A week in Florida when there’s snow on the ground in Minnesota will make the winter bearable. If you want to attend “Bike Week”, talk to your dealer. Some of them will transport your bike to Florida at a very reasonable rate, and then you can ride your own bike while you’re down there. If “Bike Week” isn’t for you, then think about some other place where you can rent a motorcycle and have a great time. Many dealers have bikes to rent. It works just like renting a car. You can do want you want to. Last year, I had a great time riding the California coast on a Harley I rented in San Francisco.

Attend the Supercross in the Metrodome in March They build a track on the football field. Winter weather would seem a million miles away.

Motorcycle shows and swap meets You could spend the rest of the winter building a new bike out of parts you get at swap meets. Check out the calendar on page 19 for more information. M.M.M. will be there.

Shop for the new bike or leathers you always wanted. Loads of fun&emdash;until you get the bill.

Read Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly in front of a fire…with a glass of wine…and somebody warm.

Even winter will pass. Think spring. 


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