from the hipby Dan Hartman

Welcome to the first issue of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, a free newspaper for motorcycle enthusiasts. As publisher, I am proud to be involved with M.M.M. and its first issue. I have been riding a motorcycle for a number of years, and I have always thought there should be something in the Twin Cities to give a voice to the motorcycle community.

Motorcycling gets in your blood whether you are eight or eighty. I fell in love with it in my forties. I have met many people over the years in all age groups who love to ride. That’s what we all have in common, the ride. Now you can read about it on rainy days as you sit in some Twin Cities watering hole. You can ride with the wind in your face over a cup of coffee.

This newspaper belongs to you, the reader. It will feature articles about racing, travel, bikes we ride and bikes we dream about. The newspaper will be sensitive to your needs. M.M.M. is an advocate for you to read and enjoy, but we need your involvement. Write articles about your travels or your experiences, and M.M.M. will publish them. M.M.M. will consider for publication any article about motorcycling.

As publisher of M.M.M., my standards are high. I want to be proud of this paper. The writers in this issue have done a great job. Now we want to hear from you. Your input is essential, and we will take your comments to heart. The newspaper will write about what is important to you. The classifieds are only a buck a line. This will give you a place to sell things without a great expense. We are looking at personals, a home page on the Internet, subscriptions for out of town readers and much more. We will add your ideas to the list.

It’s been interesting starting a newspaper from the ground up. Every day we have had to deal with new challenges. We had at least four different telephone numbers before the telephone company decided on the numbers we now have. Getting that settled took over a week and numerous phone calls to their Omaha office. Yours truly set up the P.O. Box wrong. After sifting through the Postal Service’s bureaucratic mess, we straightened it out, but a number of pieces of mail were returned to sender, and for a while we received nothing. Test rides are fun, until we drop the loaner in a parking lot. We hope this won’t be a habit. Selling ads proved interesting for our ad rep. One guy went so far as to tell us “you’ve got nothing but the pipe dreams of a few individuals.” This may be true, but pipe dreams are a good start. Also, incorporating was a good time in that I had to have a number of meetings with myself just to meet the state requirements. It’s all working now, and everything is up and running.

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly will always be worth the read. I have a great group of people working with me on the newspaper committed to the best product. M.M.M. will be read by all motorcycle enthusiasts, whether you have a bike or not. We all love the freedom of the ride. Enjoy the first issue of the newspaper and be safe as you ride.


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