hip10by Dan Hartman

M.M.M.’s first issue came out in July, 1996. It’s been a year now for Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly. Can you believe it? The newspaper is one year old. Nine issues are in the can. Wow.

As I look back on this first year, I realize I have a lot of people to thank for making it to this birthday. So many people have worked so hard to get M.M.M. off the ground.

First, the writers have been great. Without them M.M.M. would be nothing more than a “shopper”. They provide the information and anecdotes that help define and bring together the local motorcycle community. Without good writers the paper would never have made it past “go”.

Next, I must thank the advertisers who have supported the newspaper all year. Without them M.M.M. would not be in business. They even kept us going during the winter issues, when all we could do was dream about riding, because it was twenty below outside. Please support the businesses that support us.

A big thank you must go to the editorial staff, to Troy and Erin. They pull together the talents of our writers and artists to create the feel and style of the newspaper. The biggest thank you goes to Troy, the Editor. He is the leader who brings everything together. I’m glad we are working together.

There are others who have made the newspaper work, too. Mark Jacobs and his firm, Creative Type, coordinates the ads for us and works with the sales staff. Monster X, the graphics fellows, helped us get the paper started and continue to help us with our computers and all of the software. Tim Leary added his marketing touch over the winter with the readers survey in December. He has been a viable addition.

It’s true what they say. You must have good ingredients to make a good product. We mixed all these ingredients together, and now we have a good newspaper. And we’re just one year old. The second year promises to be even greater.

We want to make the newspaper bigger and better with more information, more advertising and more feedback from you, the readers. Distribution will also be improved. It’s important people find the newspaper and read it! We are continually searching for ways to improve the paper, and we appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly is your voice in the Twin Cities motorcycle community. We want to make the voice stronger. Happy Birthday, M.M.M. I hope you all have enjoyed reading it. Ride safe and be free.



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