by Dan Hartman

If you go on a day trip you had better pack your rain gear! June is almost over, and the weather has been wild since the end of May. I thought this would be a great season to ride, but Mother Nature has decided to wear rain almost every day in June. It just happens that way sometimes. Today is the first day of summer. Let’s hope for time in the weeks to come to ride without the storms.

In mid-June I went to the motorcycle races. All the racers were kids, but that’s okay. I’m old, and I just like to watch. Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI is a beautiful place to do just that. It is a big, well kept park with breathtaking views from every corner.

I had been in Milwaukee for the weekend of the races to celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 95th Anniversary, so it seemed fitting when Sunday’s festivities at Road America started with Willie G. leading a posse of Harleys on a lap around the track. It was impressive to watch all those Harleys file past. This was just one of the many events H-D planned to mark the milestone.

Then the first race of the day featured the 883s. These guys make it look so fun. I wanted to race! I loved the way they sped on the straight-aways and defied gravity in the corners. If you knew me it would be hard to see me zipping around a track, but maybe I should check out those schools that teach you how to ride the track? I wonder how much it costs? It sure would be fun…

July?…July! Looks like the time is ripe to take a day off from work and go for a motorcycle trip. Don’t let the season slip by. There are many adventures within a day of the Twin Cities, and if you find a sweet route drop M.M.M. a line or e-mail us at troy@twistedpair.net to tell us about it. We’ll put it in the newspaper. Don’t forget to get in the riding you want before you miss your chance.

Many people are actually using motorbyte.com to read stories from our back issues. On this internet site you can find old road tests, Rocket Docs, travelogues, etc. Even my From the Hip columns are there. The site, motorbyte.com, was set up to foster the electronic MC community, and I’m glad people are finding it useful.

In this issue we have added a couple new items to the paper. There is a new crossword puzzle on page 23. If you like crosswords AND motorcycles this is the puzzle for you. Many of the words and clues deal with motorcycling and may test your knowledge about bikes. Good luck. We would also like to welcome Chris Orr and his scooter-lovin’ friends. His regular column starts this month and will tell us everything we ever wanted to know about scooters but were afraid to ask.

Don’t forget the newspaper is for you. Go ahead and use it. Support the advertisers, enjoy the stories, sell your stuff in the classified ads and see what’s going on in the calendar. These are the reasons we put M.M.M. out. What? Did you think it was for my health?



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